Different and Unique Gifts For All Occasions – Your Near and Dear

Think of different and unique gifts for near and dear for special occasions

Offering gifts for an occasion are common around the world. The occasion may be a birthday, marriage day, father’s day, mother’s day, public festivals like independence day, religious occasions like Christmas, a promotion in employment, bon-voyage and many to name. In the present tech. life, whenever people think of gifts they think of a mobile, an iPod or iPad. They even think of home appliances and useful utensils. We will list few different and unique gifts no one had gifted hitherto.

  • Tabletop Bioluminescent Aquarium:

When you are disturbed and worried sit before an aquarium for a while and you are free from  all tensions. Believe me. Aquarium has a magical power like music. Music in a similar way releases tension.  ‘If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it’ , said Shakespeare in his drama  ‘Twelfth Night’.  Table top aquariums are perfectly different and unique gifts for all occasions and for all ages.  

different and unique gifts


different gifts



These two gift items ‘Dino Pet‘ and ‘Dino Sphere‘ are perfect unique gifts for any age, country, religion, and customers for memorable monuments. 















personal planetarium


Personal Planetarium:

Have you ever watched stars, galaxies around you in the blue-lit full moon night? If not you are missing life itself. Life is short and life is to enjoy. Life is to keep fit physically, keep alert mentally and morally. If you wish to gain back what you have lost ‘watching stars at night but a personal planetarium and even gift it to near and dear. It definitely makes a different gift.

different gifts

Health data on your wrist:

Today people are more health conscious. In the present busy world, people hardly find time to go to a doctor for health checkups. This health data became handy, just on the wrist. Salient features of Fit bit Blaze watch are 

  • Pure Pulse & Heart Rate
  • Connected to GPS
  • On-Screen workouts
  • with other essential features like multi-sport and all day activity and sleep

  More info at Fit bit Blaze Wrist Watch



Deep Sea Sand Art:

We know and heard of great artists like Picasso from Spain, Raja Ravi Varma, Mullapudi Venkataramana, popularly called babu from India and evergreen painting ‘. Sand art is gaining popularity in the present age. The magical power of the fingers of the artist makes wonderful sand art. Sand art or animation is a new art form and the artist can create the wonderful sand art will have the presence of mind, quick movements of the fingers on the sand. This art form is famous from last decade. 

Watch this video to see how sand artworks and how the sand artist makes it happen.

Valentine – Sand Artist | Charlene Lanzel from Charlene Lanzel on Vimeo.

We have to visit beaches to see popular sand art or watch love programs. Imagine the sand art is fit in a spherical glass and given as a gift to someone you love. It definitely will make a different gift

different gifts.