5 Must Do Blog Post Tasks After Publishing – Blogging Tips

What are blog post tasks? What steps to take to promote a blog post after  publishing? 

Once your publish your blog post assuming that you have contributed a great engaging content to your audience, you did the first step. It is the tip of the iceberg. Now comes the real heavy work to promote the blog post to get it noticed and appreciated. You have to manage 5 important tasks simultaneously  and immediately after publishing the blog post.

social media

  • Share with Social Media: You have to share it with your Facebook fans, twitter followers, google+ members and other social media. There is a very big list of social media today. Every media has its own credibility and can send valuable contacts to your blog. Social media, once the teenagers platform to communicate their day-to-day activities, keep in touch with friends and grow friend circles,  expanded to all ages and all groups of people, from people to companies to promote products and services. 

Choosing a right social media requires little research. If one focus on the following points before choosing a social media to promote their blog post, they have to look into 

Networking Features: Every social network platform allows you instant messaging, photo tagging and notifications. Look for other features  social network sites allow you like,  to join and create groups based on your interests and able to share music playlists and videos. – See more at: http://social-networking-websites-review.toptenreviews.com/#sthash.s7eBdeUu.dpuf  Evaluate people’s profiles that are similar to your niche to develop rapo. Look at the security features of the social media platform and share your blog post.

  • Responding to comments and emails: For every post you publish you get bundles of comments through emails. It is a nice practice to personally read each mail and respond to healthy comments. Use spam filters to drop spam email comments. These email comments give you good number of email addresses that wants your future blog posts and many of them may become your repeat visitors.  
  • Reading and commenting upon other blogs:  This task is most important and must for every blogger to succeed in the blogging arena. Unless you read content of other blog posts on similar topics as of yours, you can not expect them to appreciate yours. This is the only way to get valuable back links to your blog.
  • e bookCreating occasional eBook: When you create content on a particular niche with enough number of posts, convert the posts into ebooks and offer them to your visitors free of charge as a token of gratitude for their subscriptions. By this way you get more loyal audience. 
  • Updating your advertiser page: If you are using online advertising media like ad words, you have to add new creative for your new post. This new creative with smashing ‘headline’, keyword targeted will get more conversions.

In addition to the above five important tasks you can think of Submitting to content communities like  blog engage, biz sugar, triberr, TribePro. Share your post snippets on revolutionary snippets share platforms like sulia.