Diabeto on Cloud – A Sugar Level Management Application

What is Diabeto? What is sugar level or glucose level management for diabetes patients?

diabeto                                                 ‘Diabeto’ is glucose level recording system for diabetes patients for on move use without keeping the information in bits and pieces on papers. Whenever a diabetic patient goes to a doctor, he has to give the recorded information for analysis and advice. Keeping the information on  paper when on move it is more tedious job. When the patient meets a new doctor on his travel, he has to give full information and taking such information everywhere is not easy. Thus came a new revolutionary mobile application for  android and ios platforms. The glucose level records are stored on cloud and uploaded to a doctors mobile either online or when meets in person for further action. It is mobile day and 90% of people use mobiles and equal percentage of people suffer from diabetes. This application is a blessing in disguise to diabetic patients.

Logo for the World Diabetes Day

Diabeto application  is an Indian creation on the ‘Diabetic Day, November 14’ by Shreekant Pawar, the co-founder. He says

“We have been working on this concept for four years now. The cause is very close to our hearts; in our crowd funding campaign earlier this year the global market validated our idea by helping us raise 18,945 dollars. So, after all the hard work and all this time, we are very happy to announce the worldwide launch of Diabeto.” Source: Zee News

How Diabeto Works:

  • Log  your glucose level information from your gluco meter to diabeto.
  • Book an  prior appointment with an endocrinologist listed
  • videos chat with the doctor after fixing an appointment 
  • Keep your glucose levels and diabetes in check and control

The doctors that are on the list right away are

  • Dr.Gaurav Beswal
  • Dr. Dhruv Singh

The mobile application and diabeto cloud is free. Doctors appointment price is fixed at as low as Rs.650/- per consultation. below is the demo application screen


What is unique about this application is the integrating the doctor’s data base at an affordable price in India. There are other applications available but they miss this unique feature that makes this smart phone application standout. The present cost per annum  for a diabetic treatment (IDF atlas 2014) is around Rs,6000/- a high figure for mediocre Indians and this application does not cost for the application and the cloud (free of charge) except the consultation charges and that is affordable.

The diabeto team is planning a portable Diabeto device that will enable remote updating of information from Glucometers directly to the app by the end of this year.

Diabetic disease is a silent killer and can shoot up vigorously on many occasions like, when you are stressed, when you eat a heavy fat food, when you consume alcohol. It is better you have a system that records the sugar level periodically to reduce complication by consulting a diabetic doctor on time. It is possible with ‘diabeto’ and it is free to download the app. for smart phones and the recording media cloud is also free..