Anthrax Threat – the agent to Bioterrorism to the world

Anthrax Threat  The major Anthrax threat to the world in the coming years is anthrax spores are used as agents to bioterrorist attack. Biological agents like anthrax spores can sicken livestock, crop and  humans seriously causing fatal death. The biological gems that causes anthrax is Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria.  Why Anthrax is considered bioterrorist agent … Read more

Acne is a Common Skin Disease – Do Not Worry

Acne – Women Health Issue And Found in Men Too Acne is a common disease and acne lesions are referred as pimples and effects face, the upper part of the chest, and back. Severe acne is inflammatory. Acne lesions are also referred as  blemishes, spots, zits, or acne. Every youth both men and women at some … Read more

Health Care – What We Should Never Neglect

Reasons Why We Neglect Health Care We neglect health care in the present stressed society.  90% of us worry about employment, quick earning, nasty eating habits, high standard of living, comparing comforts with others neglecting about health. With tight work schedules and stress in work place, employee skip lunch and children skip lunch because they … Read more

Hypertension is a Silent Killer – Take Care


Ignoring Symptoms of Hypertension Causes Kidney Failure – Beware One morning you wake up and go for a general medical check up and you find the results astonishing. How do you feel about it. In addition to that you are advised by the lab technician to go for experts advise to find out the reasons … Read more

Disease and Conditions from Information Providers

Prevent Health hazards by understanding disease and conditions Disease and Conditions is what we neglect in our daily routine. Health is wealth and wealth is happiness. Health Care is much neglected by busy humans in this stress filled world. Uneven food habits, irregular sleep, lack of knowledge about common disease, silent killers and killer disease is … Read more

Anthrax is transmitted through animals around the world

What is Anthrax? How is it transmitted? – Health Info from Information Providers Gram-positive causes Anthrax, red shaped bacteria called Bacillus anthracite. All animals (domestic and wild), when they come in contact with anthrax affected areas,  found naturally in soil will spread the disease to people through  contaminated animal products. Contact can cause severe illness … Read more