What is new in Apple 6s and 6s plus? features or bugs?

Are apple lovers really rushing to their nearest apple stores for apple 6s and apple 6s plus?

After speculations and rumors about apple 6s and apple 6s plus, apple released the products on September 9, 2015. On the negative side of the new products is that few customers are not happy with the bugs found in the new products. Their main complaint is the 3D touch ID sensor is over heated and not working in some models. The next complaint is that the touch screen is unresponsive and the only solution to fix it is to force resent  the phone. This is not  expected of  much awaited new product.  This display bug is also effecting wallet, health and other features. ‘Devices randomly turning off’  is yet another bug reported and apple has to find a solution to these issues.Source: Macworld . Mac world test center experienced a different bug and the bug is 

As well as this, we at Macworld UK have personally experienced a slightly different bug on our iPhone 6s running IOS 9.0.2. We were using our iPhone 6s when the screen displayed a vibrant green colour – however this green wasn’t consistent across the display, and looked a bit like a Gameboy display would as it runs out of battery; it was blotchy, and faded away. After this, our iPhone display turned off and after a few seconds, our iPhone 6s restarted with no further issues. We’ve only experienced this bug once, and we’ll be monitoring our iPhone over the coming days to see if it happens again.

Another bug is the battery life reported by Reddit social networking and apple brushed out the bug saying that in the real-world battery life the battery life between both processors manufactured and supplied by TSMC chip provides 20 percent less battery life than the Samsung chip and the variation is very thin and within just 2-3 percent of each other. Apple dismissed the battery talk as so much uninformed idle chatter. “Certain manufactured lab tests which run the processors with a continuous heavy workload until the battery deplete are not representative of real-world usage, since they spend an unrealistic amount of time at the highest CPU performance state,” the company said in a statement released to the Ars Technica Website.

Coming to the features  added to the new iPhone when compared to the earlier versions is the 3D touch with content, strongest glass with 7000 series aluminium used in aerospace and the rose gold look.

apple 6s

The difference between iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is minute and identified only to eagle eye applers. The whole difference between iPhone 6s and their predecessors and as Apple CEO Tim Cook says ‘the only thing that’s changed is everything‘. Read more about iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus at the review pages. Apart from Rose Gold the apple iPhone 6s is available in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors.