Turn Your Kitchen Into a Chef’s Envy

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Turn Your Kitchen Into a Chef’s Envy

If you love to cook and bake, but your kitchen is small and cramped, you need a few tips on how to maximize your space. Whether you need new appliances, extra shelving, or simply need some new recipes, bringing some life into your kitchen can help bring your family and friends closer together. It’s tempting to get jealous of the immaculate and spacious show kitchens on Food Network, but with some rearranging, you can have your own enviable space.

Install an Island

If you are short on counter space but you have quite a bit of open floor space, consider adding an island to your kitchen setup. Whether you shop for one the meets your dimensions or have one custom made, adding spring caster wheels to legs can make it easy to work around and push out of the way as space requires. If you keep it open underneath the counter you have extra seating space, or you can have the bottom designed with shelves or cabinets for extra storage space.

Get a Double Oven

Most people only think of a double-oven as beneficial for holiday dinners, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. However, you will probably find yourself trying new recipes if you had extra cooking space for those casserole dishes or roasting meats. With the energy-efficient appliances, your electric bill probably won’t notice the difference, but your family may.

Go Vertical With Storage

If you don’t seem to have enough room for your pots and pans, suspending them from a rack can open up valuable cabinet real estate. It also makes an impressive decor statement. You can also hang cooking utensils on the wall between your upper cabinets and countertops.

New appliances are always desirable in a kitchen, but if you don’t have those funds in the budget, think of other ways to make your kitchen more efficient and functional. It may be that you just need to spend more time cooking and baking to get more comfortable with your layout.