Time Management – Every Minute to Learn – When is the Time to Blog?

Time management techniques – Many tasks before and after blogging

If you take blogging very seriously, give priority to time management. Serious bloggers have many tasks to do simultaneously and it is a never-ending process. The common excuse blogger say for an incomplete blog post tasks is ‘no time’ . ‘No time’  will not fit into time management strategy. There are great leader work 16 hour a day and still find time for personal chore.  

What is time management anyway? The simple answer is fixing and ruthlessly adhering to priorities without excuses. Time management is essential to every activity in life, right from daily home routine to daily professional plan.  Those manage time in a systematic way will never fail.

time management

The best example for time management is the body function. Every organ in living body meticulously manages time from the day of birth to  last breath.  No other example is so apt for time management. Body function does not care to whom it is working for whether a lazy person or a studious person. It does not care  religion, rich or poor. All it knows is functioning tirelessly 24 hours a day, 7 days week and for years. We have to learn a lesson from our own body system and respect and follow that system.

Tasks to a blogger: Before publishing a blog post the blogger decides on the

  • article topic, whether trending, ever green, tech., health, life style or personal experiences. Once he blogger decides on the topic, hard effort goes into
  • writing the draft article, checks it against proof reading for errors, syntax and style. Check for the genuine, authority of the content. Note down all
  • related resources for apt images, relevant articles by other experts to add value.

These tasks are pre blogging. Once the article is ready and published, blogger concentrates on promotional tasks.  Post tasks are mainly promotional to make the article reach masses. These tasks include

  • sending article to subscribers
  • submitting the article to blog communities
  • promoting the article to social media
  • finding new techniques to promote. Every day new and creative

Now comes the question, how to manage time to do all these tasks. What are the problems to be sorted out  to manage time perfect?

  • Balance – Balance between personal work and official work. If blogging is your priority it is official.
  • Focus – Never get distracted. Shut off all distractions. Distractions are a phone call, a TV show or a family urgency. Try to finish all those family chore before concentrating on a blog post. Never deviate till you finish your article or blog post.
  •  Estimations: Estimate exact time needed for each blogging task.  Create and jot down realistic timings for each task. Do not overload yourself or too little,
  • Flexibility – Fix flexible timings and allot time for unforeseen circumstances

Most important time management techniques to finish a blog post from writing to promotion include

  • Group the blog tasks. Fix priorities. Your most liked tasks last and difficult tasks first. You will love to do  your ‘liked tasks’  anytime because you like them. You will not feel to do it even when you are really tired.
  • Morning hours are best time for writing blog posts. You have less disturbance and more productivity. SImilarly few like to do important writing work late nights.
  • Practice using a timer for certain blogging social media tasks. Social media is, where people get bogged up. They will spend more time than required on social media. Social media is an addiction. Be careful. Better use a timer while promoting a blog post on social media. Set half an hour time for social media promotions.
  • Use a timer for attending emails. Prioritize reading emails and answering them
  • Automate your blog promotion to social media like twitter, face book and others
  • Do not over burden your self for blogging tasks when you are new. You will lose interest soon. Start small and grow big. Create interest in the work you are doing. Keep time schedules, Keep wring, reading, Do research on your goals. Never get disappointed..
  • Find out where you are getting more successful results. Concentrate on those areas, For example if you have more face book followers, find Out more new techniques to promote on face book.
  • Develop you blog on the niche you like. Spend more time finding out your niche..
  • .You can try different timing schedule till you feel comfortable with certain schedule. Keep up for that schedule, because we all work differently.

A french blogger Mr Fred in his article ‘How much time you spend blogging every day‘ says that he spends

finding topic 10 minutes,writing post 25 to 30 minutes, editing 10 to 15 minutes, finding illustrations 5 minutes and pushing to social networks 2 minutes

These figures do not look realistic to me for a new blogger.It will take more time in the beginning for writing a  blog post and editing. May be over experience you can cut the timings.  

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