Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Whether your little brother just moved into his first college apartment or your best friend recently got married and purchased a new home, offer a gift that offers congratulations on the move. Present him with something that he will appreciate because it will make the relocation go more smoothly or make his house more organized and comfortable.

Household Essentials

Go the practical route by presenting your friend with a selection of items new homeowners need, particularly if this is his first house or apartment. Appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, space heater, coffee maker or lamps may be helpful, while he’ll definitely use smaller goods like storage containers, basic tools, door mats, towels and sheets for years.

Handy Treats

Spoil the new homeowner with treats such as cookie bouquets or gourmet food baskets that he can enjoy while he’s unpacking. Your edible gift can pull double duty—he can also offer some of the snacks to people who pay him a visit, sparing him the need to prepare some finger foods himself.


Moving into a new abode can be a time-consuming process. Coordinating with movers, unpacking, organizing and decorating can be as exhausting as it is exciting. Help your loved one out with a gift that makes the relocation easier—consider a gift certificate to a local restaurant with great takeout, a pre-paid session with a cleaning service or a day of yard work performed by a local gardener or landscaper.

Although your first instinct might be to present your loved one with a housewarming gift such as a bouquet of flowers or a crystal vase, consider offering something that’s really useful and memorable. A practical gift will let him know not only how proud you are of this new phase of his life, but also how much you truly care.