The Inseparable Friends – Often Called “Body &Soul” – An Inspiration

Babu (The Artist) and Ramana (The Writer) is worth a great friendship

An eye arresting painting or an art work or a beautiful film heroine is always referred to ‘Babu Bomma’ around the world. That is the honor Babu, the painter gained in Indian artist’s arena. Babu is a natural artist of nature and women.

Babu And Rmana – The Body and Soul

From the days of Adam and Eve, it is female that is the focus point of beauty. The natural beauty and charm of a  female is responsible for human race though male is instrumental. That natural  attraction, the female, is further escalated with the touch of a brush to raise  the erotic emotion is ‘Babu Bomma’. Babu is not only an artist but a film maker. Babu and Ramana (film writer) are the inseparable duo and people call them ‘body and soul’. These inseparable pair had set an example for ideal friendship. Lived together for 50 years in the same house, sharing good and bad with poise and tranquility, and people call them ‘Nishkama Rishis’ (unattached to worldly attractions). They never came public for popularity and fame. They dislike show and celebrations.  Babu is well-known for creative art and captured the hearts of thousands through his portraits, cartoons, paintings, caricatures, illustrations and calligraphy. Bapu creates wonderful and creative painting with few free hand strokes. His drawings and pictures depict 100% Indian culture.  In recognition of his contribution to the field of Art in general and for Telugu culture in particular, Bapu was honored by various Govt and non Govt organisations. To name a few 

  •  1982 – Honored by the Rajalakshmi Foundation, Chennai 
  •  1987 – Honored by A.P. Kala Vedika
  • 1987 – RaghupathivVenkaiah Memorial Award by  Govt of Andhra Pradesh
  • 1991 – “Kala Prapoorna” by Andhra University
  • 1992 – “Siromani” award by the American Telugu Association 
  • 1995 – Honored by the Telugu Association of  North America (TANA) for his 50 years contribution to the Telugu  art, films, literature and culture
  • 2002 – Visishta Puraskaaramu by Potti Sree  Ramulu Telugu university

 Satthiraju Lakshmi Narayana also known as Bapu was born in the year 1933, December 15.  He breathed his last on August 31, 2014. Mullapudi Venkata  Ramana popularly known as Ramana  is a story writer.  Ramana was born in Dhavaleswaram June  28, 1931 and passed away on February  23, 2011, Chennai. He had produced many Telugu films along with Babu with village nativity, Indian culture with eye- arresting creativity and eye caching portraits of Indian women called  ‘Babu bommalu’.  To his creditt

Ramana achieved many awards. To name few  

Babu’s Naughty Budugu

Mullapudi Venkata Rmanas’ created Budugu a fictional character and Budugu is a very naughty boy. ‘Budugu’ the child character is a house hold name in Telugu Nadu is a precocious and bratty child, but his actions always end up  in good humor and entertainment. Mullapudi’s Budugu represents the world as seen by the character. Budugu creates his own opinion about everything. Budugu talks about politicians, culture and informs reality of the world. Budugu wanted to become a jhatka (horse-cart) rider/engine(train) driver. Many characters come and go in his stories like his parents – Radha and Gopalam, and unmarried uncle – baabai and various neighbours like laavupaati  pakkinti pinnigaru and her husband, budugu’s child love is ghana Pasoonamba and a  detective makes a comedy appearance.

Both Ramana and Babu created history in Indian Telugu film industry. Their best contribution is for mythological films. Babu draws the film in the form of drawings before it goes for production. That is his way of screen plot before direction. Few of the famous films they produced are ‘Sampurna Ramayanam’, ‘Rama Rajyam’, ‘Andala Ramudu’ and ‘Mutyla Muggu’. The films where Babu has s[special attention to women and the heroines in those films are  ‘Babu Bommalu’ .

Few Babu’s Paintings:

Different Postures of a Female with different Expressions:


Romantic Mood


Bhapu’s heroines

 Mullapudi Ramana died well before babu and Babu could not tolerate the separation. In his own words he wrote while screening a film ‘Midhunam” : Ref;

That is the height of true friendship.