Plugin Features enhance blogs look-feel-popularity

How WordPress Plugin Features  add elegance to a blog?

Plugins are handy and useful to a blogger and add creative features to the blog or website. The distinct advantage of a plugin features are many. Few of them are mentioned below.

  • They are easy to install and configure
  • installation, setting and maintenance do not require coding expertize from new bloggers.

plugin features

Why to use plugins?

Imagine you selected a  theme to develop a blog. As an example, I developed  my blog  on Genratepress theme. The theme is cute, responsive and adoptable to any mobile device. As in any other themes, bloggers always require special features to brand their work. They always look for changes in their blog  when they observe. see and compare their blog with other blogs of the same niche. They also get few great ideas from  experts and love to incorporate them in their blog. . They may also want changes to suit to search engine optimization guidelines.

5 Most Useful Plugins

I use 5 most useful plugins for

  1. securing my blog from hackers
  2.  to add different content to sidebars,  footer and header
  3. , compressing  files
  4. , creating new mobile theme
  5. , Search Engine Optimization

3 out of 5 plugins secure the site, improves page speeds

  1. Total Security Plugin: I use wordpress content management for my my blog. WordPress is a strong security built in platform. The total security system gives  additional security to the blog.  This pluigin offers the following  important security functions  to a blog
  2. User Accounts Security
  3. User Login Security
  4. User Registration Security
  5. Database Security
  6. File System Security
  7. htaccess and wp-config.php File Backup and Restore
  8. Blacklist Functionality
  9. Firewall Functionality
  10. Brute force login attack prevention
  11. Security Scanner
  12. Comment SPAM Security

Apart from this this plugin offers advanced features as shown in th picture below.

plugin features

  • File Compression: Page speeds are major concerns for a WordPress blog or website.  Unless the web site or blog loads quickly on to the browser, visitors loose interest on your website and the valuable content therein.They decides the value of a website and improves website ‘s search engine ranking. Page speed reduces bounce rate and improves users experience. Thee are many reasons for increased bounce rates but one main cause is slow page speeds. File compression will improve page speed and thus user experience. File compression is a part of Total Security Plugin mentioned above.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization is every bloggers dream. It is recognized and honored by search engine to index a website and rank it on organic or natural or unpaid search results.   SEO is a complex process and the plugin by Yoast SEO will do it all. The dash board is is easy to follow and optimize. You can optimize posts, pages to a particular keyword, description, slug. You can check visitors readability p[topns and optimize them. It is a good plugin
2 out of 4 will add value to the blog:
  • WP-Touch Mobile Theme: Today people use mobiles more than desktops,laptops and tablets to access information.  Mobile devices are many with different screen sizes and features. To comfortable view the blog content on mobiles there are hundreds of responsive themes, which naturally fits the blog content to any screen or to any browser. But developers and look for new look feel and easy accessibility on mobiles. Visitors want easy navigation, visible content, look and feel. Here is where mobile themes come handy. Wptouch mobile theme by WordPress give all the demands of the visitors. here below is a great  look of my blog on WP Touch mobile theme.

plugin features

  • Custom sidebars: The theme supplies basic functionality like left and right side bars, content area, footer and header area. Some times posts and pages need different content on the side bars depending on th page or post content. This situation is with regard to multi topic websites or blogs. The blogger also wants different content and slides on the header and footer. This goal is achieved with this  plugin. 

To sum it up all get optimized to to search engines for ranking and indexing.