Mobile Addiction – Addiction to customers Need to Mobile Companies

mobile addictionMobile addiction is really an addiction or need – a question to be answered

I say mobile usage longer than necessary is an addition but users and mobile manufacturers say that they need it. Manufacturers say that new mobile release is a demand  and I do not know why customers want them every alternate  year.Mobile addiction is increasing around the world like virus.

Will new features really help mobile users?  Is it for fancy or need?

Almost every alternate day we hear a new mobile company or a change in mobile model from reputed mobile companies like apple, samsung and many others. Why is it?

I really do not know. To me the basic function of a mobile is to talk and receive message instantly. Any mobile will do the job. With changing requirements I may need many other add-on features like music, camera on my mobile so that I can take a photograph of a  eye catching scenery on my travel, a song to enjoy during journey.  Most of the modern smart mobiles do this job. But I do not know why a mobile user want two cameras on the phone, more than one SIM card on a mobile.

To me changing the mobile is fancy. As long as mobile serves the requirements, why to change it. New releases will not have great differences from model to model. Even models like  iPhone 6, iPhone 6s from apple does not have great feature differences. Only If there is a drastic difference in the new model and if one requires it, I recommend a mobile change. 

According to  latest data from Recon Analytics as mentioned in an article from phone arena, Americans change their mobiles once in 21.7  months. They wait till the contact period and then change the mobile with latest and new featured release, followed by UK and Korea. Contrary to this practice of Americans Indians, Finn and  Brazil do not like to change their mobiles often. The average replacement to their mobiles is 7 to 8 years.

But more recent statistics reveal that Korean smartphone users change their gadget more frequently than in any other country, data showed Sunday. According to the data released by Strategy Analytics (SA), 67.8 percent of Korean smartphone users changed their phones last year. The figure indicates more than two-thirds of users bought new phones. The report covered a total of 88 countries. Source Korean Change Mobile more often

A proof for mobile addiction is the survey report at  University of Derby  as reported by daily mail says

  • 13 per cent of us are addicted 
  • And the average user spends 3.6 hours a day on their smartphone
  • Moodiness, loneliness and jealousy are all key indicators of addiction
  • An obsession with physical appearance is also a telling sign
  • Study says phones should come with warnings that say they are addictive

The study further confirms that one out of 8 is mobile addictive  in USA alone in spite of the ill effects cautioned using mobiles. The mobile manufacturers are encashing in the weakness of the customers and releasing new models left right and center. They have no concern what so ever for the health hazards to the customers. They is no difference between liquor and cigarettes manufacturers and mobile manufacturers.

Why companies like to change features Often?

Mobile companies say that there is a growing demand for mobile features and the demand is increasing every time they release a new model. So do we change models and upgrade is what they say. They use new technique to promote upgrades and models . The technique is ‘Jump Plan‘. In Jump plan, they offer the new mobile for a small monthly fee called leasing the new mobiles.Then they trade it in for a new smartphone up to three times per year at no additional cost. For example, a base model iPhone 6 will be leased for $15 per month for two years and recover the cost of the mobile and thus trading eligible smartphones

What causes the mobile addiction to smart phones.

dopamineLike many mental disorders, addiction to smart phones constantly is also a disorder. Let us confine the cause for smart phone addiction to this topic heading. Scientists say ‘Dopamine’, the neurotransmitter in the brain cells is the cause for addictive behavior in brain.

Dopamine, the neurotransmitter was “discovered” in 1958 by Arvid Carlsson and Nils. Dopamine is created in various parts of the brain and is critical in all sorts of brain functions, including thinking, moving, sleeping, mood, attention, motivation, seeking and reward.

Source:  What is dopamine and more on dopamine.  .

mobile addicts

Symptoms of mobile addiction

  • If you sleep with mobiles by your side and look for mobile as soon as you wake up, you are mobile addict
  • If you are panicky when you do not find your mobile, you are mobile addict
  • If you carry your mobile even to the bathroom, you are mobile addict

How to cope up with?

  • First admit that you are mobile addict without reservations
  • Avoid keeping mobile next to you while sleeping
  • Avoid using mobile for unnecessary information like ‘like’ notifications from social media, Why do you need it
  • Strictly put off cell phone on holidays. Let me tell you the world is not going to stop if you do not use cell phone on holidays.
  • Make it a point to use cell phone less than 15 minutes at a time. not more. Less is preferred
  • Make the telephones or mobiles work for you not otherwise.

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