Have a look at Spandex range of premier table liners before chooisng

Premier table linens stretch shapes keeps the restaurants and other show driven areas attractive and tidy. The first looks of any visitors goes on these premier table liner stretches before they enter into a night club or hotel. 

Spandex is famous for manufacturing beautiful table liners ideal for decorating, parties, special events, DJ Setups, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. Located in United states they extended their services by adding to ‘spandex line’, backdrops, hanging sails, Triangles and cones.

Premier table liners from spandex out beat other companies in using Heavy duty, heavy weight grade Spandex fabric made in the U.S.A..double thick hem boarders and wrinkle free material. spandex table liners produce amazing  lighting effects. The table liners are UV protected and no strains what so ever.
With Widespread colours up to 20. The Polypropylene Elastic mounting points will not tear, This company is are leaders in premium table liner products with 100% percent guarantee for their product range.   For more details visit premier table linens stretch shapes.