Inspiration Series

Inspiration Series 

The idea of ‘Inspiration Series’ is to let the visitors get inspired with the small parables of great people, inspired instances, speeches, videos, films and related websites, blogs on inspiration. The aim is to  elevate the mood of depressed people to positive thinking. Their might be occasions where one get depressed and feels that ‘It is Hopeless’ and never tries to come out of the situation. If this apathy  continues, it may lead them to most dangerous situations like ‘Suicidal Tendency’. What makes people depressed is a funny question? A student may get depressed when the school teaches scolds   for not doing homework or when the person gets less marks in an exam than his close friend. A person may get depressed when someone rebukes him or somebody finds fault with them. The list is endless


For those who are in depressed mood, an event, a soothing music, a film, an story a friend, a good book, a great speech may inspire and motive them to a positive action. This blog is all about such stories.

Inspiration & Motivation Videos:

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Inspiration Drawn From Great Scientists

scientists that inspires
Albert Einstein
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