Inspiration Comes From Within – Watch For Yourself For Amazing Results

Inspiration is From within – Pull it Out

Inspiration comes from within and it is a burning wish to overcome failures and disappointment for decades and the result is to start writing inspiration articles. I was observing from last two months a great leader in India Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi was a  tea shop owner in his early years and became the Prime Mister of India. With in three months from the day he took oath as Prime Minister, he won the hearts of millions around the world. – Why not me, Is a question that inspired me to write this article?


May be one or two out of millions meet these great honors – but still they do. The honor did not come with in a day or two or with in months, but over a time. Many of us may not know the hard effort, dedication, want and struggle this successful man would have undergone before he attained this unique fame and name. Let us look into his early days and reason out his present stature.

Narendra ModiEarly days

  • Born on 17th September 1950 to a poor tea shop owner and helped his father in serving tea to people.
  • He belongs to Ghanchi (oil-presser) community, a backward class.
  • He himself ran a tea shop with his brother at the early age.
  • His strength was participating in debates in schooling and enacting prominent characters in school drama.

Modi’s Growth is a great inspiration

  • His life took a success turn when he joined RSS ( Ratriya Swayam Savak). He joined RSS not by default but with great interest. RSS leaders observed upcoming potential in Narendra Modi, his leadership qualities and appointed him as a full-time pracharak or proponent and campaigner. RSS took notice of his achievements – During Indo-Pak war in 1960’s Narendra voluntarily served soldiers and helped people during the floods in Gujarat in 1967. After formal training in RSS at Nagpur, Modi took an official place in the Sangh Parivar as in-charge of the student wing in the Sangh in Gujarat (Called ABVP).The political wing of RSS is Bharatheya Janatha Party (BJP) and Narendra took his first step in the political career. He succeeded his political career organizing yakatha yatra by BJP leader Murali Manohar Joshi. He was recognized as a prominent political leader and his first break as a popular person after becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat and did
    remarkable service to people of Gujarat, He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for more 4 terms in succession a rare feat by any political leader. He made Gujarat a ‘Vibrant Gujarat’. He was
    acclaimed as ‘Best Chief Minister’ of Gujarat by a famous news magazine ‘India Today’ in 2006. In 2002 another news magazine ‘Times’ featured him on the cover page.
The Real Challenge and then the Achievement 
When India is in political turmoil and congress the then ruling party in Indian parliament lost its long-standing fame with scandals and disputes, Modi came out victorious as BJP leader. He handled the general elections in 2014-11-23 all alone and BJP came victorious in almost all contested places. This was a never heard story before that a non congress government coming to power with thumping majority. But for Modi’s determination, planning and effort this would not have happened.  After becoming the Prime Minister he moved around many countries with one agenda – development. His mission to capture the hearts of many foreign country leaders is rising day after day. United States of America once rejected visa to Modi, invited him to their land and there was a thumping response to
his meetings all over the country.  India expects a lot more from this dynamic leader in the coming years. They have already seen a sample of his achievements in his three months tenure in the office. Read more about him at PM India. 
Coming back to my ‘inspiration with in’ – story of a tea shop owner growing as the Nation’s Head is constant handwork, vision, courage and determination. All these qualities are with in us. Only thing is we should awaken these hidden or sleeping qualities with in us and sky is the limit.