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Home Needs – Basic Requirement For Happy Home

What are home needs? Why they are important?

Before entering a new home, it is to be equipped with necessary appliances. The home needs a fridge, a stove, washing machine apart from kitchenware, toilet requirements, bedroom decor, living room furniture.

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Floor Needs:

Once you shifts into the home, the floor becomes dirty. The family brings dirt along with them. Even other wise the home is to be mopped daily to keep it hygenic. The first home need is a vacuum cleaner or mopping material like broom stick, dustpan and mop. To make the cleaning home easy buy a automatic floor sweepers.

Kitchen essentials:

Now let us move on to kitchen. Everyone needs shelter and food. Our home and family too. Kitchen essentials are glassware, spoons, spatulas and turners, a can opener, vegetable peeler, and cheese grater.Measuring jars for rice to cook . A pressure cooker and a gas stove.

Bed room decor:

Bed room needs a special attention. You relax there to wake up fresh in the morning. Bedroom essentials are a cot preferably with storage drawers, a good bed, with a head board, floor to ceiling curtains, wardrobe, bedside table, dressing table.

Small appliances:

You may need a microwave oven, bread toaster, coffee maker and a washware in the kitchen. Check the counter space before you make these purchases. Purchase all of them or skip them all if your budget does not permit.

Living room essentials:

Living room decides the culture of the family, their living style in the society. Keeping the living room, simple and clean with minimum furniture is an art. A sofa set with throw pillows, a coffee table is a basic requirement. Wall mount television or television with table. shoe stand at the entrance. Few decorative pieces in the show case.

Other basic home needs:

A home needs laundry essentials, an iron, ironing board or stand a bookshelf, toilet cleaners, mosquito repellers, non slippery door mats and bathroom mats. If you have senior citizens and grand parents at home you have to organize you bathroom first. It is one prime responsibility to take care of our parents and grand parents. They are our guides and lovable memories. The common problems with seniors is a fall in the bathroom and bone rakage, That is why give utmost care to organise the bathroom.

How to organise a bathroom for seniors:

  • Make the bathrooms non slippery.
  • Leave more space wet space in the bath room
  • Keep soap and other bathing material in a reachable place to seniors.
  • keep a sitting pace for seniors in the bathroom. It is easy to take a shower sitting.
  • Raise the toilet seat height
  • Improve lighting in the bathrooms

Take care of children while arranging items:

Children are innocent. They easily learn thing and understand. But small mistakes from elders cause problems. I have a story told by my family friend living in Australia. He had two children a boy and a girl. The boy is elderly and around 6 years old. He is intelligent. His father gave him freedom with proper advise on do’s and don’ts. Once they went to friend;s house for dinner. While both families are engaged in general discussion, the boy went to kitchen. He was thirsty an saw a bottle with white drink. He drank it. He got severe stomach ache and parents became panicky. They rushed the child to the hospital and doctors, on investigation found that he drank poisonous fluid. When enquired the boy told that he was thirsty and drank a white liquid in the kitchen thinking that it is some cool drink. Actually it is a toilet cleaning material and by mistake they kept it in the kitchen instead of keeping it in bathroom. The boy only knows that items in the kitchen are edibles and sippable drinks. He never knew that toilet or bath room items will be kept in the kitchen. Whom to blame now, the boy or the parents or the guests? So keep dangerous items far away from children and keep them in the allowed place.

How to organize the new home with home need material?

Once you fetch all material to the home the task begins now.

Unpacking the material: Packing and unpacking are both tedious process. Packing may take lesser time, but unpacking takes longer time. Unpacking is an organized arrangement of items in kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom. It is easy to unpack room wise if while packing the items are labeled according to the room like living, dinning etc. While unpacking shift the items according to the lable and the unpack. Now arrange the items neatly in the proper places.

Arranging the kitchen: Kitchen looks great the way you arrange the kitchen needs. Even with small space in the kitchen, you can organize the usables well. There are two parts in the kitchen. clean the kitchen before you do any thing. Place a non stick , non slippery mats in the selves. Now think of items you use regularly and items you use rarely. All items you regularly use in the kitchen like cups, plates are to be place in cupboard at the eye level. Glasses, spoons with you more than plates must be pace in the cupboard near the sink. Keep the items in the top selves which you do not use often. If you have young children keep detergents and cleaning stuff away from the in the top selves and also glassware non reachable to them.

What you should not put in the dishwasher:

  • Do not put wooden spoons in the dishwasher. Wood on these utensils will crack with the detergents you use for dish wash.
  • Knives and knives with wooden handles are no to dishwasher. The wooden edges may crack, the children may cut their hand if they help you loading or unloading dish washer. The joints between wooden handles and knives may get rusted soon. may crack.
  • Avoid putting graters and sieves in the dish washer. Graters with small holes prevent water flow inside the dishwasher and they may soon get rusted.
  • Gold color utensils and silver ware.: The color will shade away with the strong detergent used while washing.
  • Avoid non stick pans, ceramic and cast iron cookware for dishwasher dish wash. The strong detergent with citric act will effect and they loose their purpose.
  • Pressure cooker lids are not worth dishwash. Their valve which is very important for cooking food evenly may break and become unusable
  • Aluminium disposables, cooper utensils are not worth a dishwasher. Copper utensils loose their shine soon.

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