What is Healthy Life? How to Keep Fit All Day?

The healthy life is beyond physical fitness

The healthy life is not just physical fitness. It is a striking balance between ups and downs in daily routine, managing time-bound activities with perfection is healthy living. The healthy life is managing poised mind associated with physical fitness. Physical fitness is keeping good health and being active.  If one can get up fresh in the morning without any physical or mental disturbance is the healthy life. Every morning filled with energy and keeping the same status throughout the day is a good health condition.  Generally, human health problems are self-invited, apart from hereditary and environmental issues.  Cultivated bad habits like smoking, drinking, irregular and unhealthy food habits, untimely sleep, lack of physical exercises are a few reasons for ill-health. Adding ingredients like anger, depression makes health condition worse.

From the days of Adam to this day of atom physical body of human beings changed from robust to fragile. More and more mechanized comforts are cutting down natural body growth. No wonder if we see tiny humans living on food tablets soon.

healthy life

Let us talk about what is bad for ‘Good Health’

Irregular and unhealthy food habits: In the present fast running world, there are no regular timings for dinner, supper, and sleep. Keeping up a time schedule for routine work is practically impossible. People working at offices with tight workloads have no specified timing for dinner and, sleep. Timely food and sleep are important to manage good health.  Apart from irregular food habits, people eat fatty, stuffed and oily food in fast food restaurants and this food over a period spoil health. All inmates of the household go to work or school-leaving no time for homely food preparations.

The solution:  squeeze some time to prepare healthy food at home and carry homemade food to work spot and eat at the scheduled time even during the busy hours.

Spend early morning hours for exercise & yoga and meditation: when there is no time for eating food on time, where can they find time to do exercises, yoga, and meditation. The required time for simple exercises and meditation is just half an hour a day. Exercises include brisk walk, moving hands, and legs, inhaling and exhaling a deep breath with closed eyes is yoga and meditation. This requires half an hour om a day and most suitable time is early morning. Can not people get half an hour in 24 hours a day? If they say ‘no’, they are trying to escape from good habits.

Acquired bad habits: We acquire bad habits. They are not natural.  Bad association, loneliness or irresponsible parental control leads to bad hobbits. The major of them that spoils health is smoking and using alcohol. The solution is to avoid them for healthy living. When there is will there is a way. No excuses what so ever.

Depression: Depression may lead to illusions, delusions, hallucinations and ultimately ill-health. There is no definite reason for depression. A failure, harsh words from others, inferiority complex, addiction to drugs are few causes for depression.  Many of these depression symptoms are avoidable and few others are controllable. Avoid addiction to drugs and control depression caused by other reasons by following simple steps.

The moment you feel depressed, move out of the place where you are in and meet your good friends, hear good soothing music, read inspirational stories, watch an entertaining show. 

High-risk sexual behavior: Avoid high-risk sexual behavior like multiple sex partners and unnatural sex. Other high-risk behavior is drunken driving.

Excess exposure to heat, sun tanning has health risk factors. Avoid them for healthy living

Maintain hygiene in and around your living area. Keep your hands clean since bad gems enter the body through hands. Do not carry official stress; Clearly distinguish the responsibilities of office and home. do not club them.  

Summing important points in this article: Balance body and mind is healthy living. The only way to live healthy is avoiding bad habits and improving good habits. Prefer morning hours for exercises, yoga, and meditation. Keep hygienic and be hygienic. Spend time with friends, near and dear. Do not stay alone for long hours.