Health Care – What We Should Never Neglect

Reasons Why We Neglect Health Care

We neglect health care in the present stressed society.  90% of us worry about employment, quick earning, nasty eating habits, high standard of living, comparing comforts with others neglecting about health. With tight work schedules and stress in work place, employee skip lunch and children skip lunch because they do not like the items. Even if  they take lunch they take it at irregular times. Those who take lunch in the restaurants, do not really care what they eat. They normally eat fast foods and heavy fat food. As long as body have resistance they do not even notice that their health is affected. It will be too late by the time they realize that the are affected by deadly diseases and came to a point of no return. The children take lunch boxed to the school but come back without eating, either because the food does not interest them nor they are unhealthy already.

health care
Neglecting health care is neglecting Life

What is health Care:

  • Maintaining regular eating habits
  • Doing regular exercises and meditation
  • Reducing work tension and stress
  • following relaxing techniques
  • Having knowledge about common diseases, silent killers and killer disease
  • Performing routine medical check ups
  • Healthy eating habits

Few examples of the complications if we neglect health care

If you skip food when you have to eat ( regular timings ) you routine body functions will change. This may cause problems to digestive system. If you are habitual to eating food at a specific time the body fixes the mental clock to produce digestive juices accordingly and if there is no food to digest those acidic juices start causing burning symptoms in the stomach leading to acidity and stomach related diseases.

Diabetes and hypertension may be hereditary or other wise. If you skip doctor consultations and medical check up periodically you are prone to established hypertension or high blood pressure or diabetes disease.

If you have unhealthy eating habits like eating fatty foods or oily stuff you may end up in obesity which leads to other disease like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack.


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