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Human imaginations knew no bounds – Futuristic realities are the results

Humans imaginations out beat other living beings with two distinct qualities the brain and power to express. The imaginative human brain stretched its tentacles beyond the living globe to universe and galaxies. Newton who did not eat the apple fallen at his feet found out the greatest law of gravitation, on which theory we are all living today. Today the worlds’ technology is living in virtual reality, thanks to computer applications on multimedia. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence synced together and paved the way for futuristic realities with present-day imaginations.  

Let me brief futuristic realities which are today’s’ imaginations with awesome pictures.

  • The autopilot car

self dribving cars

Imagine if you do not know driving and still wants to drive a car in traffic jam roads safe and secure? Even if you are a good driver with years of experience driving cars and when you become old your reflexes will not work to drive a car on the busy roads. Autopilot car is the answer.

Autopilot technology until now is used to control aircraft, where flights run on an autopilot system for a brief period to longer times as decided by pilots. Wright brothers imagined to fly in the air long back and thus today’s aircraft. And today’s imagination of autopilot car will be tomorrow’s reality. The concept of the autopilot car is ten years old and Honda is the first to release the basic autopilot car within a specific lane and sold in the UK. It was then discontinued.

Now Tesla and Google came out with technology for a full-fledged  ‘Robot Car

  • The Sunshine Car

futuristic realities

Growing air and sound pollutions across the globe are creating ecological imbalances. Petrol and diesel prices are mounting up and these chemical are polluting the air. Technology is looking at alternate sources of energy. Abundant alternate source of energy is available to human requirements in the form of solar energy. Scientists are looking to tap this power source to run cars. The result is the sunshine car.

  • Space Elevator

futuristic realityA space ladder that carries men and material to outer-space without the intervention of large rockets is the imagination of space elevators

This technology is made possible with the invention of new materials like boron nitride nanotube and carbon nanotube ( more about these tough materials at Crystal Structures of Nanotubes). These materials are lightweight and very strong. This space elevator idea is otherwise not possible in space with high pressure and stress of earth and a geostationary orbit.

Source: http://www.siliconindia.com/news/general/Futuristic-Ideas-Concepts-of-Today-but-Realities-of-Tomorrow-nid-155947-cid-1.htm

  • Genetic Modification: This experiment once become a reality, one can see a new human being without carrying genetic disorders from their ancestors.  This is much-debated subject with many myths and negative impacts of this research till date. Scientists are becoming more and more clear about this concept and this may be one of the best futuristic reality. The future generation will not only become hereditary characteristic free but also to their parent’s choice. The parents can choose their children’s height, weight, color, hair, personality and get the best and most beautiful children ever. But the negative side is also true with genetic modifications

Source: https://futurism.com/how-seven-sci-fi-technologies-are-shaping-our-future/https://www.geneticsandsociety.org/topics/human-genetic-modification



  • Living on another earth: The next futuristic realities include living on a different planet with the same earth’s resources. Researches are on finding the best suitable place for the human to live on another earth also referred to as Earth 2. It may be Mars or Moon or a new place. Subsurface ice on larger quantities are found on Mars, This quantity of ice, when combined with carbon existing there, will offer live supporting materials like fuels, oxidizers and even plastic useful for humans. Dry ice found there is useful to generate the gas with technology and can be used for home appliances work. Rock and soil offer required nutrients to plants.

Living Off The Land: A Guide To Settling Mars [Infographic]

More info on how well Mars is our next earth is at Infographic Details

  • Being youthful all time and all life: Imagine a situation where your calendar age increases every year and not the biological age. Everyone wants to be young and youthful all life. This desire was there in humans for ages. This was an unfulfilled wish until science and technology informally found a solution. The present medical research is on healthy long life than living young forever.  Human Growth hormone controls the aging process. after age 60 this hormone production in the body is reduced resulting in old age. If medical researches inject this hormone the lifespan can be enhanced by 20 to 25 tear said Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, an endocrinologist from Belgium.  Source:(http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170928-anti-ageing-is-it-possible-and-would-we-want-it)

Impact of Futuristic Realities on Human Race: 

There is the positive and negative impact of these amazing scientific and technological innovations on the human race. The positive side

  • Increased productivity from the agriculture and thus profits.
  • Optimal utilization of machinery in industrial production.
  • Easy and useful interaction in the health sector between medical experts and patience
  • Accurate health results even on the go with wearables
  • Improved information for future planning for the human race to unknown destinations through space research
  •  Healthier and disease free generations with the advancement of genetic modifications
  • Increased control of home appliances from remote places by mobile apps

The negative side is

  • Higher security threats to personal data by hackers with mobile apps
  • Maintenance issues of huge data from the devices connected to the Internet of things 
  • Genetic modifications for human tace may create chaos and confusion among people. If aging is arrested through genetic technology, population growth will be a threat. If this procedure goes to wrong hands monsters will be generated instead of human beings. While in the process of DNA modifications on humans, if something goes wrong the results are unknown

To wrap up the post-futuristic realities are human imaginations are benefiting all human sectors like agriculture, industry, health and health care. They are going beyond and finding out ways and means to live outside the globe onto a new world. They have the positive and negative impact on the human race. With a word of caution futuristic realities are well invited and the brains behind are well appreciated.