What is the need of Fund Raising?

Fundraising is essential for a non profit organization for its smooth running and maintenance

Revolutionary Fund Rising

Nonprofit organization are excepted from federal income tax for the following categories

  • Charitable, Trusts
  • Religious organizations
  • Educational institutions of certain categories
  • Scientific Research Organizations
  • Literary establishments
  • Testing for public safety
  • Organizations that  prevents cruelty to children or animals
  • Old-age homes
  • Parent-teacher associations
  • Charitable hospitals
  • Alumni associations
  • Chapters of the Red Cross or Salvation Army
  • Churches

There is economic crisis, ecology crisis, global crisis for well living. The greenery is disappearing from the globe. Like many revolution in the past one more revolution is needed, The Green Revolution.  For any revolution funds are required. Fund raising becomes a revolution to save the globe from new crisis like Green Revolution, Pension Revolution, Energy Revolution, Oil Revolution and so on. Fund another Green Revolution — or people will starve.

This is the research observations from many heads of the states.

The eight sets of rules that govern pensions today will be replaced by just one, in a long-awaited attempt to simplify the system. Savers will be able to put a wide variety of investments in their retirement fund, including residential property, wine, art, even vintage cars. And the government has bowed to pressure to relax the annuity laws so that people have more control over their money when they retire.

Iran’s oil production, which in the days of the Shah reached 6 million bpd, has declined to about 3.9 million bpd. Crude exports have fallen by 22 percent since May to 2.13 million bpd in September. Yet the windfall Iran has enjoyed from the sale of its oil has turned the country’s budget deficit into a surplus, enabling Iran to adopt a harder-line position concerning its nuclear projects and its relations with the West.
Whenever there is a revolution there is a need for Revolutionary Fund rising.

Sale of structured settlements for lump sum payment is a way of revolutionary fund raising for the above projects.