Finding a Quality Packaging Testing Company

Part of the product design and development process includes planning how you will package your product and transport it to consumers. You need to involve engineering experts focused on safety as well as the designers concerned with consumer appeal. Most likely, you will want to contract with an outside company to assist you with this process.

Do Your Research

First, consider whether the company you plan to work with has competent authority approval to help you navigate the maze of government regulations. You may need to comply with standards from the European Union, ASTM, ISO, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. The company should maintain its accreditation certificates.

Shipping regulations vary by carrier. Make sure the company has experience working with the shippers that you plan to use. Do not try to circumvent shippers’ guidance and prohibitions. The safety regulations have been put in place based on calculated risks and past experience.

Packaging concerns depend on the type of product you carry. Infectious material differs from over-the-counter drugs in the kinds of testing and planning required. It’s best to find a company that specializes in your industry.

Request a Consultation

Regulations are complex and change frequently. Ask about how the company expects its staff to stay up to date.

Request information on how the company will charge for its time and services. Make sure that you fully understand pricing before you sign any contracts. Do not, however, choose a company solely based on price. Instead, seek value. Initial cost savings could prove expensive in the long run if your company faces fines or a lawsuit as a result of poor packaging and shipping practices.

Consider your interactions with the company representative. You want to feel confident that your situation will be carefully considered and your questions will be fully answered.

Choose the company that you consult with on packaging and shipping wisely.