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Travel Photography and Travel Camera

What is travel photography?

People love travel. Travel releases tension. People want to photograph their travel experiences for future recollection, to distribute to friends, to upload in social media and get likes. To inspire other to go for travel. Travel to unknown destinations is an unique experience. One has to choose right camera lense to shoot different objects at different times. So travel photography need special attention for camera models.

Travel Camera:

The best travel camera is the one that captures

  • Good image quality: Good quality images can be captured just not with mobile cameras. Those professional pictures can be captured only with mirrorless or DSLR cameras.
  • high zoom range: choose few lenses that captures perfect images at ifferent situations.

Photography is a hobby. Only those with passion for photography can make wonderful pictures. Indeed everyone from kids, to old aged love to click a camera. But those with open eye, love for nature, instinct desire to shoot good films become professional photographers. Cameras are a part in travel. Photography has to bring the mood of unknown and unheard feelings of the objects we snap – the smell of a flower, the thrill of a giant wheel. The photos must bring back those memories when you look at them and that makes a good photo and the person a good photographer.

travel photography

Photography is a buzz word for many occasions, a marriage function, a birthday party, travel destination recollection. Before triggering to shoot, experience it. Get involved in the places you visit and get a glimpse of what you see and feel in those places. Your travel destinations may be great beaches, holy and religious places, honey moon trips or adventure trips. Do an extensive research on those places before reaching out the destinations. That makes you clear what you have shoot and preserve for future. Before dawn and before sunsets are the best times to make a photograph, because they have inspiring effects on humans. Photography is a skilled talent. Unless you have the both you do not become a professional travel photographer.

water falls

How relevant camera models to travel photography?

There is no photography without a camera. Camera is that relevant for photography. There are so many models of cameras and they are used in different occasions. Camera models are budget dependent and also photographic skill related. Often it is camera lemne that matters not the camera model for different occasions

types of camera lense
camera lenses – Source
Various lenses

Travel Photography tips

  • Less baggage: Professional photographers carry less personal luggage. Try to carry a good variety of camera kit in a carry bag where you can evenly distribute the camera ancillaries and he camera. Carry with you enough number of memory cards. different lenses. Do not forget a flexible and foldable tripod.
  • Cameras with different lenses: Photographers knows how important the focal lenses are. The object to shoot may at a long distance or right at your eye reach. Unless they are ready with suitable lense they miss a wonderful shoot. Depending on the budget and space in your bag choose 50mm or 85mm prime lense, 10 mm to 24 mm a wide angle lens and a telephoto.
  • Research the location: Do a through research of the locations to visit on google search. It saves time to identify objects to shoot.
  • story telling: The professional photographer tells a story though his photos. The sequence of the photographs he takes, he tells the the culture in that place where he shoots, the people behavior and customs, the religious facts, the mood of people. This professionalism is exhibited even in paintings.

Skills required for travel photography:

  • Perfect Planning: Planning is an essential requirement for success. Nothing succeeds without proper plan and implementing the plan.
  • Settle in Quickly: Attitude to settle to the environment quickly and easily. Sometimes you travel though most difficult to climb places, most uncultured people you meet or exiting landscapes you shoot. Get adjusted to those environments quickly and easily.
  • Strong Visual Analysis: Understanding quickly and promptly the colors and able to discriminate slight changes around you, the ability to remember what you have seen and string them in your memory.
  • Strong Social Skills: Of Course social skills is essential for every work not only travel photography but also in day to day life. Human beings are social beings. Unless you understand your neighbor, you can not communicate or establish you art. The more social following you have, the more credibility to your photos. Create a strong social media presence.
  • Be Committed: Do not do any work for fancy . Be committed in your work. That is how you can offer value for your pictures.

Professional travel photographers:

Steve McCurry:

An american photographer, Steve McCurry, worked and contributed to National Geographic and Magnum Photos since 1986. National geographics published his photos like Afghan Girl with green eyes,

Steve McCurry

Trevor Lush:

Professional photographer makes images for stock photography libraries. He says “Travel photography is less about location photos and more about your journey”.

Trevor Lush
Photographer & Cinematographer
Ottawa, Canada

Annapurna Mellor:

Documentary photographer from UK. She likes to shoot religious and tribal communities and she likes India and himalayan regions. See her work at Annapurna Mellor her homepage

annapurna mellor photography

Sourabh Gandhi:

An Indian, engineer by profession, passionate for photography. All his photographic mages cater to his travel experiences He is most recognized person on Instagram

krishna Angira

A travel photographer from Delhi. Photography is his personal interest and as a traveller he shot many images for personal and editorial purposes.

krishna angira photography

Types of photography

As already mentioned photography is personal interest Photography may be classified on interest factor as under

  • Travel
  • Landscape
  • Wildlife
  • Street
  • Underwater
  • Large screen (cinema)
  • Abstract
  • and more

Few facts about camera and photography

Few facts about cameras and photography


  • Johann Zahn  made the first camera. He is German national. He invented the first reflex camera.
  • History can be preserved through the invention of camera
  • There is an approximate estimate of 4000+ cameras owned by  Dilish Parekh, a jewel and government worker from Mumbai.
  • A 900 lb camera travelled six miles to shoot to take a photo. The photographer was George Lawrence. This great PR stunt won 1900 Paris Exposition and won the grand prize for photographic excellence.
900 lb camera
  • The egg with 54 million likes on Instagram
  • The first photograph of a person is accident. In 1839, Louis Daguerre (yes, that Daguerre) took an image a man getting his shoes shined.In those days camaras could not capture human image because of long exposure time.
camera capturing human being


  • 95 million photographs are uploaded on Instagram and 300 million photos on Facebook everyday. Statistical report as on 2017.
photos uploaded per day
  • The first cat photo was taken in 1870s by Harry Pointer.
The first cat photo
  • Dead bodies are photographed as alive to remember the memories. Here is one such photo
photography of dead
  • Human eye have 576 megapixels while moving the eyes. But a single glance is about 5 to 14 pixels.

What is camera gear

WHile choosing a camera photographer has to consider two important things out of many options

  • Auto Focus: When you are viewing an object to shoot and half press the shutter button, auto focus, locks the object. This is essential not miss the shoot.
  • Camera Ergonomics: 90% of photographers go for an camera purchase through online without even understanding the downside of the camera – the Camera Ergonomics. The comfort of the camera on your hand depend on human being physiq. If the camera on your hand create undue pressure on your hand, it is not a right one for you. Normally photographers spend lot of their time in trave and carry camera kits all the time. Some times they work in stress and pressure. Better examine the camera before buying even the choice is online.
Camera handling
How the camera looks on your hand

Inspiring places:

Few exiting places a travel photographer should not miss.

  1. Vatican Museum: When you visit vatican city do not miss the ancient sculpture of these 54 museums. They are the efforts of Pope Julius II in the 16th century. The last among them is Sistine Chapel.
vatican musiem
Vatican Museum. Ferragosto 2008 – by Perrimoon

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