Blog Traffic Through Personal Request e mail is My New Idea

What is blog traffic ? How important it is  for the blog getting noticed?

Blog traffic are visitors, who will read your blog post and if they like they will respond by visiting your blog again and again for new content. Needless to say that blog traffic  is like a heart to a human being. The very purpose of blogging is to express your thoughts to the public and share your ideas with them. But today blogging is not just expressing and sharing ideas but promoting products and services, creating brand image and much more. So to sum up traffic is vital to get noticed on world-wide web.

There are hundreds of ways to get traffic to a blog but emphasis is given to 2 sure ways, producing informative and engaging content and promoting the content to masses. ‘Content is the king’ says Bill Gates in an article written ways back on 1/3/1996 in article archives of sick-site syndrome. Few snippets from this article where Bill gates says

blog traffic

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

When it comes to an interactive network such as the Internet, the definition of “content” becomes very wide. For example, computer software is a form of content-an extremely important one, and the one that for Microsoft will remain by far the most important.

Assuming that you have a written a great article satisfying all required ingredients like

  • topic: chosen an ever green topic that your visitors love to read
  • language: take care of writing an article with no grammatical and other language errors –  well articulated article 
  • Summarised  heading, followed by short summarised description followed by detailed article with leads to other information sources
  • incorporating cache images to illustrate your topic goals

you have to promote it to reach masses. One method to promote your blog to masses is collecting e-mail addresses  and sending them your articles as and when you publish them. This is the sure way to get page views provided you have email lists and the email owners accept your request to receive your posts through emails. It is not easy as it sounds. Why should some one read your posts through  your e mails.There are two prime tasks here.

  • Gathering emails from approved circles. How to get a list of emails from trusted sources. My experience tells me that even your close relatives and friends will not entertain emails and will not have time to read the emails. In this busy compelling world people read only important emails that they are expecting or waiting for. The other bunch of emails they throw in the junk mail box. Under this scenario how to and whom to send emails and where from to get email address?

There is a way. 

  • Find out new bloggers who are frantically trying to promote their blog in the same niche as of yours.
  • Write personal letters to each one of them. Explain a win win situation by mutually reading each ones posts. Tell them how this method will improves the page views and thus earn advertisement revenue like AdSense.

 If you are looking for a blogger to improve blog traffic through email campaign I am the one to start with. My email address is I will read your posts if you read mine an subscribe to my posts. Here is an example email that may workout. Comments invited.

I am enthusiastic blogger like you. I am trying to make a headway to get traffic through personal emails whom I trust and feel confident that they will help me in my attempt. I got this idea after making attempts to promote my blog through paid media and generic search. Paid media is of course is a good idea but they all lead the visitors to an ad impression but not to your blog post. Generic search is a good choice. But that is not enough. In my idea, i collected emails of few new bloggers who are facing difficulty in gaining traffic to their blogs. I suggest a win win situation here. I will subscribe to your blog posts and loyally read the posts when they come to my email. I will then recommend them to my friends.Of course I will compromise on content. I do not do this just for getting traffic.If I can get 100 email addresses and everyone read my post everyday, I get 100 page views. In a month I get I get 2000 page views with this effort. If those readers recommend my post to their friends I get more traffic. If I reach 1000 page views a day at $2 CPM of AdSense advertisement I get $2 a day. It is a great income to start with. Once the traffic grows you have many ways to earn. If you are interested in this proposal drop a line in reply. Happy and successful blogging.