Blog Post Promotion Through New Methods – Wider Reach

What is blog post promotion? Why it is essential? 

A blog post is an intellectual contribution of the writer who offers valuable information to visitors on their search topic.  The valuable information in a blog post will be useless if it can not reach a wider audience and gets their approval and appreciation. How will this well-written article with useful content reach wider visitors and brings more traffic? Unless the article reaches people, people read it, become subscribers and come to the same blog for more information, how can a blog be rated popular? To sum up, a well-written post must reach a wider audience is the real task to decide the authenticity, popularity, and usefulness of the blog to the public. There are many ways to promote blog posts. Few popular traditional ways are a search engine and directories submissions This is most popular even today. The reason is the search engine is from where visitors get the information. Submitting the posts to forums, free and paid advertisements. Blog posts are also sent to known people through emails.

The latest techniques of blog promotion are social media, groups. As technology advances, new ways are into the limelight like converting the blog posts into PDF formats and promoting on document sharing techniques, creating image-based infographics.  Republishing the blog posts on authority sites with a canonical link is another great way reach influencers. 

Blog post promotion is time confusing? How to cope up with it?

Yes. Blog post promotion is time-consuming and more tedious than writing a blog post. But what is the other way out? How do the hell people know that you wrote a great article? How do they know that the content in your article is what they are looking for?

Only if the blog post appears in the first 5 search results of a search engine, it will not even be noticed. But why search engines show your post on the first 5 search results? This is a billion dollar question. It is like a story narrated by my elders some time back?  There was a madman and while treating the doctors suggested to get him married and the madness will be cured. This is a very difficult situation for the parents. Unless he is married his madness will not be cured. Unless the madness is cured he can not get a bride. The blog post promotion resembles the story.

Having said the above story individuals have to decide for themselves whether they have to work harder than before to achieve their cherished goals. Assimomh that the blogger decided to take hard-way to make the blog posts popular here are the techniques in details to finish the task.

New methods to promote blog posts:

  • Convert blog posts into PDF format and promote on document sharing websites.
  • Create awesome images through Infographics, tell what you want to tell in sweet and short images and promote them. Visuals attract more and more visitors than text details. We love movies and movies impress us more than novels and written stories.

What is a PDF format and what are the advantages of PDF formats

PDF stands for portable data format. As the name suggests these files are readable by any hardware, software irrespective of operative system. PDF files can not be edited easily and they are in print form. They can be read by any computer system irrespective of operating system, hardware, and software. There are many free public document sharing resources on the internet, offered as public reading resources. Paperless offices use PDF formats for printing and designing. The main advantage of PDF files is it occupies very less space on the drive because it supports a variety of image compression algorithms. These files are electronic signature protected for printing and editing if needed. As the whole file is considered as a photo editing is not possible unless the PDF file is converted into text format again using special software. But take care to be to the dit and informative.

Document sharing websites and browsers:

I will mention few document sharing websites and browser and any blogger can try to share their blog posts on these high domain authority sites and attract traffic. 

  • Google Drive: Keep your PDF document on the Google drive and right-click the document, then make it public. Now anyone on the internet can view the document. Domain authority is 100.
  • Issuu: Savy user looking for valuable information can search and find through Issuu. The content is organized in various categories and published on this portal. More than 20000 publications are available per day both through a site and mobile app. These publications may be from magazines, newspapers, blogs, program events, and many more sources. This document sharing site enjoys a score of 98 domain authority. 
  • Edocr: Get your content popular and spread the news to a wider audience with Edocr. Increase your Search Engine ranking by attracting more and more visitors to your blog. In the process earn money for sharing your content with influencers. The domain authority of this content sharing website is 88.
  • Slideshare: LinkedIn is by professionals and SlideShare content is for the public.  Knowledge of any subject is vital to write an article and trust on the writers and subject is much more important. Millions of professionals believe in the content genuinely on SlideShare. There are around 20 million uploads and 30 content categories, this content sharing platform offers useful information to millions. This site enjoys a domain authority 94.

More PDF sharing sites are at High PR PDF content:

Infographics the new way to get leads, backlinks, and traffic:

I define infographics as information through graphics. Infographics are the latest trendsetter in promoting content through graphical design and charts. Everyone in content marketing realized that visual displays with segregated points with simple templates, a design and data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly, will have more effect on visitors interest. They now choose graphical representation to promote even blog posts with a great template, organized points highlighting their summary of the topic and promoting these designs to the public on the internet to gain more and more visitors. let me first explain the basic difference of infographics and plain image for this post.


There are many ways to create infographics. You can use a word document, an excel sheet or powerpoint. But just words, graphics will not create an excellent infographic unless it is branded and the information is from authoritative and resourceful sources. Brand the created infographics with your own creation. Get your information from credible sources and cite them at the bottom of your infographic. Brand it: Make sure it’s clear that you or your organization created the infographic or take help of infographic creators.