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Thursday , April 18th 2024
    Moms love new born more than they love anyone. They give utmost importance for baby care

Baby Care Moms only Agenda Till They Grow Up

Baby care – why it is so important?

Newly married parent eagerly wait for a child birth. Children prove masculinity of the father and mother hood of the mother. They represent the next generation in the family. The main purpose of marriage is to legally getting children. So the child is precious to patents and the mother normally take care of the child till certain age and father takes over the responsibility of their well being.

Baby care is important to keep them healthy throughout their life. It develops necessary skills in babies to become successful grownups in future. The skills include emotional, cultural, communicative and intellectual. Early baby care helps the child to develop confidence in themselves a sense of independence.

What are new born requirements?

New born baby require many items than a grown up, because they can not ask for any thing, except cry and laugh. Mother sense their requirement instantly and rakes care. The list is too big for a new born. Few items for mother and child include

  • Breast milk storage for breast feeding mother
  • Lotion for sore nipples
  • burp cloths
  • milk bottle with nipples ( for milk feeding ) when the mother sops breastfeeding
  • cloth diapers or disposable baby diapers
  • changing bed mats,
  • baby ointment to prevent rashes
  • Laundry detergents
  • plastic tub for babies bathing
  • baby soaps and oils
  • soft towels
  • sleep sacks

Baby care fundamentals:

  • Wash you hands when ever you touch your baby
  • Do not shake the baby while playing or otherwise
  • Always give support to the babies neck while lifting the baby
  • Take care of the baby is kept carefully in the car seat or carrier, stroller
  • Ask visitors polity not to smoke before the baby
  • Not to sneeze or cough before the baby
  • Not to cuddle the baby for long time
  • Use cotton balls, dip them in warm water and wipe the baby for first 2 weeks

Give the bay confidence that you are with them:

Give the baby the confidence that the parents are always with them in thick and thin. This is bondage. Start developing this bondage from infant stage. Be close to the baby as long as possible.

  • Touch is the first sign a baby recognises. It is first language that baby understand. Touch is skin to skin contact. This will tremendously improve confidence in the baby that some one loves them. It improves babies physical, mental and moral health.
  • Look into the baby eye. Baby recognises you. The more they recognise you, the more close you are to them. Eye to eye contact is the first communication language the child understand.
  • New born are enthusiastic. They observe everything around them. Moving objects attract them and they follow their moments. Place few useful moving objects before the baby. .
  • Babies follow gestures and gestures give information to babies . Facial expressions informs them your anger, love, frustration, uneasiness. Always show positive gestures to babies for a healthy growth.
  • Human voice is the first language babies recognise and learn from. Voice with showing items will be registered in babies for later recognition. So use voice and visual communications to teach them.
  • It is understood from some studies that babies start recognizing voice from the third month of pregnancy. source: health line article

Mother should develop healthy life style to keep the new born fit and happy

  • Take good night sleep while the baby sleeps. That is the only way mother get rejuvenated. It is very difficult to take care of a newborn. It is true with moth first time mother ot experienced mother.
  • Baby care is stressful and frustration. So mother need good food, good sleep.
  • Take plenty of water.
  • When you are tired adjust with bread toast or light tiffin instead of traditional meal.
  • Take the baby for a small walk to divert their attention if they are more fussy.
  • Leave the baby to your near and dear for some time if you are too tire. Do not take all the stress for yourself.
  • The happy moments with the new born is for a short period, They grew up. Live the moment and enjoy.

What to do when?

If you find out a difference in the normal behaviour of the child like crying after a milk feed or exhibiting uneasy postures or even an extra sleep than normal is an indication that the baby may be sick. They are called behavior changes. The first sickness symptom may be slight fever due to infection or cold and cough or sometime pain or diarrhea. It may be anything an ear pain or some pain. The only way baby conveys his uncomfortness is through crying. Best thing is to consult a pediatrician. If doctors are not available for immediate help do not be panicky. The home remedies till you reach the doctor.

Home remedies for child’s ill health

  • Fever: Fever is a symptom of illness. Do not worry if the fever is below 100 degrees till a doctor visits you or you visit a doctor. Some times the enzymes fight better with the infections at higher temperature. Thus there is a raise in the temperature. The simple treatment is undress the baby, wipe the body with warm water. This will reduce the temperature. The condition is serious only when the baby becomes lethargic, very uneasy even with the precautionary measure.
  • Common cold: A stuffy, sneezing or running nose indicates flu. This happens in the winter season. Run a humidifier in the child’s room because dry air worsens the situation. If the baby is taking formula food give the bay electrolyte drink
  • Respiratory problems: Virus affected disease. Cold, cough, shortness of breath or whizzing are common symptoms. If neglected for long leads to asthma. Use a humidifier for immediate care and visit a doctor.
  • Ear infection: If the baby rubs their ears continuously it is an issue with the ear. An ear infection. ThE symptoms of ear infection clubs with stuffy nose and cough .
  • Diarrhea and vomiting: It is a bacterial infection. Give little quantities of electrolyte liquid. Diarrhea is a serious concern because baby losses lot of water. Supplement the water content with liquids.
  • Conjunctivitis: The eyes of the baby turns reddish. It is called pick eye. The cause may be viral or bacterial. If the reddish eyes associated with cold symptoms it is viral otherwise it is bacterial. It is  contagious and quickly spreads. Clean surrounding of the eye with warm water. Doctor will investigate and administer medicine.

Mother loves the baby

Mother loves to marvel the babies tiny toes and fingers. But the tedious work involved in soothing the baby from their unusual cries at day and night disturbs the mother a lot. Mothers some time feel lonely and lost. Do not doubt your ability to take care of the new born. It is a natural instinct for mothers. Both parents must be calm when bay cries for something and find out their requirement and supply. Discuss with elders around and get their advise as well to keep daily routines going .

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