5 New Apple Products – A Birds Eye View

What are Apple products is all about? Why always a Hype for Apple Products?

Apple products became a house hold name for secured operating system, hack proof software, reliable hardware, cute products with leading features over their competitors. Apple periodically releases new products with enhanced features and applications. The latest products in their long list  are 

  • Apple Watch
  • Larger-screen iPad
  • MacBook Air with Retina display
  • Redesigned Apple TV
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

let us look at the leading technology of the above apple products.

Apple watch:

Apple has sold more than $1.7B in Apple Watches, and 11 other tasty morsels from its annual filing. – Apple Products

apple products

apple watchThe great features of this watch are

Short look:  If you feel a short pulse on the wrist it is a message. When you lift your wrist you see the message and put down your wrist the message goes unread and the notification which tells the name of the caller goes away.

Glace: This is a screen display for notifications. You need not open an application to take action on the notifications, instead you can hit on the notification to see the sports scores and news. Many more features and detailed review at Apple Watch.

Large Screen iPad:

ipad proNot for sure. whether this apple product is about to launch or launched  or not but this is the product much spoken about in apple enthusiast circles. Unlike other iPad from apple, this iPad hev larger screen of 12.9-inch with an A9X chip, 8 MP rear camera, HD FaceTime camera, four speaker audio, and 10 hours of battery life. According to rumours it is supposed to be released and for sale in the month of November 2015. Expected starting range of the product with 32GB WiFi expandable to 128 GB. The cost of the product may very between $799 to $1079. 


MacBook Air with Retina display

MacBook AirThe new release  of Apple laptops are becoming thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter, sleek and cute looking. This is true with the latest Mac Book Air Retina display. It measures 13.1mm thick, 24 percent thinner than MacBook Air. The weight of this product is also considerably less compared to Mac Book Air weighing just 2 pounds. Mac Book Pro is 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440. This laptop is available in 3 colours silver, gold, and space gray. More details at MacBook Air review.

Redesigned Apple TV:

Apple TVThe redesigned Apple TV is all about its applications. The new application on apple Tv enables you  to watch

  • iPhone and iPad TV shows
  • iTunes movies and TV shows
  • Netflix and Hulu
  • ABC and Disney
  • Live sports and news

It means all the entertainment at your TV steps. The redesigned set op box with its glass touch surface and the voice enabled feature allows you to interact with other apple devices asking SIRI interactions like ‘ who the star is’. More of the features and review at Apple TV

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: 

Apple is ready with the new iPhone models replacing their earlier models next year that is in 2016.

Though the iPhone 7 isn’t expected to launch until September of 2016, we’re already hearing some rumors about the device regarding display technology. One rumor out of the Asian supply chain has said Apple will switch to glass-on-glass touch panels for the iPhone 7, potentially allowing for an edge-to-edge display, but a second, more reliable rumor from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, has disagreed with that point, suggesting Apple will stick with in-cell panels. source MacRumors 

Let us wait and see what is store for apple lovers