4 New Ways Getting More Web Traffic To Your Blog

Designed a content rich website or blog – What Next?

Getting web traffic to the new website is the goal of any website or blog owner. But how? is the billion dollar question. Try these 4 new ways of getting traffic to your advantage. I am trying these new ways and I am sure the tricks will work.

web traffic

Ways to get web traffic:

There are many ways to get web traffic to your website or blog. Search engines come first to get you back links and web traffic. Followed by forums where you contribute to their posts, social media, referral traffic, book marks you have set for interesting content, paid traffic through AdWords and other advertising sources.

I would like to emphasize on the following new techniques to boost the web traffic.

1. Appreciate other bloggers and their work

In the process of gaining popularity to our blog or website,  we will come across many people who influence us. Few of them help us by offering free training and recommend. That is it what we look for when searching the internet – recommend or help from others. When they give a free step by step tell, is it not our duty to appreciate them? Do that and win people’s confidence.

  • I keep taking help from my theme site Orion support for theme related issues and I get help from support executive ‘Andrew Misplon’. All his trouble shoot advises work for me . I honor him by offering a comment or fed back.
  • I also seek help from WPbeginner.com for many of blog related techniques and  I am always happy with their supporting articles. I try to pass critical comments on those articles.

2. Accept painful comments by others on your work in the positive spirit:

I was unsuccessful getting AdSense approval from last 10 years. Every time before I apply for AdSense I post  a question in ad sense forums for suggestion. Some times the reply is very harsh and painful like ‘your content is trash’, ‘you will never get ad sense approval’. No one likes someone give  a negative comment on your website or blog. We do not realize the policy violations we make and still expect ‘approval’. We never remember that experts test an approval application and decide the approval process. I brief one such reply here where I initially got hurt but later took it in the right spirit.

3.  Google Alerts:

Are you wondering how Google alerts will help you get traffic? I will explain how?

Once you set ‘google alerts’ for a relevant keyword of your niche You will get a list of latest posts on that keyword on the internet. Those posts are fresh and new. Read the complete article and be the first to write a powerful comment. Write original  and critical, comments and not just a comment. This comment must trigger the site owner to look to your posts and even subscribe to you blog articles.

4. Earn points from viral buzz community:

Viral content buzz community is the place where you can share their content and earn points and then convert the points for traffic.