3 Basics for Any Weight Loss Journey

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting your first weight loss attempt or have been on the journey for a while, figuring out the best way to shed those extra pounds is hard. There are many paths you can choose from depending on your lifestyle. Using healthy weight loss products and keeping track of your progress are great ways to start. There are a few basics that, no matter how you choose to manage your weight, will help you reach your goal and maintain it.


Drink Water Not Calories

One of the most difficult things for many people to give up is their favorite drink. Whether you love that southern sweet tea, soda, or juice, all of these have excess calories that are easy to drop from your diet with the simple change to water. That doesn’t mean you should indulge or enjoy from time to time, but making water your go-to beverage will have more benefits than you thought.

Manage Portion Sizes

Growing up, many people were told by well-meaning mothers to “clean your plate.” This would be fine if plates weren’t piled high with carbohydrate-heavy pasta, oversized burgers, or large portions of whatever you’re eating. It can be difficult to know how much is a healthy portion. Using a food tracking app can help with this. Input the recipe and select the portion size and you’ll know what you’re really eating.

Stick to Unprocessed Foods

If you like the visual of a full plate, a good way to get that is by eating mostly unprocessed foods. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins can be eaten in heartier portions than a helping of chips or granola. A valuable tip to help you stay away from processed foods when shopping is to stick to the outer ring of the store. You are more likely to find fresh meat and vegetables in easy reach.

However you go about your weight-loss journey, taking these basic tips with you can help you along the way.

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