2 New Blog Communities – Medium and Google+ – Evaluate

Blog Communities will help promoting blog post. Give a serious thinking of the following two new blog communities with great features

Learning is a process and time-consuming. Blogging is no exception.To be a better and successful blogger, one has to learn more and more from others and their writings. There are many tasks a blogger has to do apart from creating new posts. The most important task towards newness is finding out new blog communities to promote.

  • The blogger should find out new exiting ways, apart from SEO techniques and post submissions to social media, to promote a blog post. Google search is a place to cull out for new opportunities. I recently found out new blog communities of bloggers to submit blog niche. The new blog communities are  ‘Medium’ and ‘Google+’.

Medium is exceptionally good with features like ‘ minutes read label’ on a post. This label exactly fixes blog post  place in the audience community. This label tells how interesting and informative their article is to the visitors. This label has twin benefits. If the post published is informative and engaging, visitor stays longer time and  the time label becomes a living proof for article standards. If time spent on the article is less than 2 minutes, it is a caution to the blogger, asking him to take care of the quality of the content. Is this not a great tool for new bloggers to improve performance?

blog communities

Medium is a blog community by veterans from Twitter, the co-founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Medium stand number 5 among best blogging platforms in 2014. A nice community to follow and to get new followers. 

Google+ blog community is yet another blog community with a popular brand tag. The power of Google+ says, Search Engine General, that there recent submission of an article on their iPhone card reader site on password security won them 8,500+ views and some decent “ripple effect” with the social shares, too.

an example, our social team recently posted an article on our iPhone card reader site about password security. Then, to give the article some love, we submitted it to the “Tech, Security & Social Networks” Google+ community. This community has over 69,770 members. more at Search Engine Journal

These two blog communities will give value added services. Articles on Google+ community by other blogger Jessica added value to the content in her article best apps for bloggers . Two of the app. she mentioned  are

bitly – Bitly, Inc. Bitly is a powerful app which used to shorten links. View how many times your shortened links are clicked and save previous shortened links for quicker access. Particularly useful for twitter posts and instagram bios.

Swipes – To do list & Task manager to Plan, Schedule and Achieve your goals. – Swipes Incorporated Swipes is voted as one of the world’s top 5 productivity apps with a Best New Startup prize by Evernote and a nomination for a Webby Award. Swipes helps you automatically collect all your tasks in one place, organize them according to your personal priorities and then work on a single task. Read more useful applications for new bloggers . 

Other popular blog communities includes