10 steps to get Inspired When You are in Desperation

10 steps to get Inspired When You are in Desperation

Are You in Desperation? 

Many of us will be in a despaired mood  (depression) when we want to start an important work.The mind will not permit to concentrate and a feeling that things are getting hopeless will occupy your mind and prevent you from thinking further. Mind becomes blank and no positive hopes what so ever. What to do at this situation. If you do not come out of this depressed state you can not proceed further. If you cannot proceed you may have to face the consequences. and consequences may be fatal. An example to this situation is when you are preparing for a competitive exam. You wrote the first test and did not perform to your expectations. There are many more in the following days. Suddenly an emptiness cropped up in your mind with the insufficient attempt in the first test. This is the desperate situation. Unless you come out of this state you will not achieve your cherished goal. But your mind stopped at the first insufficient attempt.

Here is what you have to do immediately without wasting a minutes time.

  • Go to your close friend and spend some time with him or her. Talk on other interesting topics other than your problem. If you think you can get a solution for your problem discuss with you friend.
  • If a friend is not available at that time switch on the TV and see some adventure shows or informative shows on positive thinking, where people win through great risks 
  • Sit quiet and hear to some soothing music
  • If you have practiced yoga, do concentrate on the reasons for your insufficient attempt for half an hour and visualize answers
  • hink positive – Think that you will fare well today and nothing bad has happened.
  • Remember that if you stay at the same mood you will be loosing the the rest of the opportunities
  •  Do not smoke or drink at the time depression. They aggravate you mood and lead you to suicidal tendency.
  • Play some video games. It is not a bad practice in depression
  •  Rejuvenate your positive strengths by recollecting your past victories.
Remember a Quote by Swami Vivekananda an Indian Philosopher, Reformer and Great Guru

Arise  Awake Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached