Anthrax Threat – the agent to Bioterrorism to the world

Anthrax Threat  The major Anthrax threat to the world in the coming years is anthrax spores are used as agents to bioterrorist attack. Biological agents like anthrax spores can sicken livestock, crop and  humans seriously causing fatal death. The biological gems that causes anthrax is Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria.  Why Anthrax is considered bioterrorist agent … Read more

Yellow Fever is carried by Female Mosquito

Yellow Fever Four Hundred years back yellow fever was detected in  Africa and America.  Yellow fever is mainly spread through mosquito. One of the symptom of yellow fever is Jaundice. This fever damages liver and causes Jaundice. Yellow fever virus (YFV)  also called Flavivirus in medical terminology, will cause the fever and may be an … Read more

Trypanosomiasis is a Parasitic Disease and a Silent Killer

Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) It is a vector-borne parasitic disease and commonly known as sleeping sickness. It is first found in Africa. The protozoa parasite belongs to trypanosomiasis genus. Tsetse fly transmits this infection which in turn acquire this infection from infected humans or animals. Trypanosomiasis is an epidemic. The years 1896,1906 qnd 1970 have been effected by … Read more

Tularemia also called Deer Fly Fever or Rabbit Fever

Tularemia a rare disease which is infectious Tularemia spreads in many ways Deer Fly bites Through Rabbits – Skin Contact with infected animals inhalation of contaminated dusts or aerosols bio terrorism This disease is caused by bacterium Francisella tularensis.  Symptoms of Tularemia Symptoms of tularemia vary depending on how the bacteria enters the body. Illness … Read more

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever A Killer Disease

What is Rocky Mountain spotted fever? Rickets a type of bacterial organism is  causes  spotted fever. It is caused by a tick and found rampant in rocky mountains. When severe it damages internal organs like kidneys and other vital parts. It is first spotted in America and also found in Canad, Mexico and is the … Read more

Rabies is Deadly and Domestic Animals Spreads This Virus

Rabies Should Not be Neglected as Common Disease. It is a Killer Disease Rabies a deadly virus,  that will effect central nervous system or brain and spread through saliva or brain matter. This disease will effect any  human or any mammal. of an infected animal. When you are bitten by an rabbis infected domestic animal … Read more

Onchocerciasis also called as River Blindness is an Epidemic

Onchocerciasis Background Onchocerciasis is an infection caused by the nematode Onchocerca volvulus. Humans acquire onchocerciasis through the bite of Simulium black flies. Because the fly develops and breeds in flowing water, onchocerciasis is commonly found along rivers and is sometimes referred to as river blindness. Onchocerciasis is not acquired in the United States. Occasional cases … Read more

Malaria – Plasmodium Parasites Multiply in Liver

Malaria is an epidemic and spreads through infected mosquito Warm climate is the breeding home for Plasmodium parasite that spreads malaria through infected  mosquito. Years back United States was wiped out  with this deadly disease. Countries with warm climate is prone to the spread of malaria. The risk factor is high for developing countries with … Read more

Loiasis is Caused by Eye Worm called Loa Loa

Loiasis is swelling in joints often and caused by parasitic worm loa loa Loiasis disease is caused by the eye worm known as loa loa. Loa Loa is a  parasite that lives in humans.  Infected Deer Fly  comes in contact with human and bites, the infection is transmitted to humans. The larvae of the worm … Read more

Leptospirosis is Water Related Infectious Disease

Leptospirosis is bacterial disease and gain entrance through direct infected urine contact Leptospirosis is a tropical disease and US Centers for disease control and prevention reported 100 to 200 cases in United States and Hawalli in one year What is leptospirosis? Leptospirosis infection is caused by bacteria called spirochete. Rats, foxes and many other animals … Read more