Ad Sense explained in simpler terms for beginners

What – Why and How  Ad Sense explained for beginners? Ad Sense is cost per click ad network. It is a performance based ad network. Understanding all features of this amazing publisher’s paradise is out of scope in this article. Few features will definitely enhance the earning potential for new website owners. Ad Sense explained here  those … Read more

Page views improve ad revenue – not search or ad snippets

How page views improve ad revenue? which type of websites or blogs are benefited? Before going into “how page views improve ad revenue” let us define terms ‘page views’, ‘ad results’ and ‘search results’ Page Views: When ever your website page or blog post is displayed due to click on the search result it is called a … Read more

Affiliate Benefits Are Multi Folded and Multi Level

Who is an affiliate? What are affiliate benefits at large? An affiliate sell products of a company and gets commission for concluded sales. Affiliate is not a part of the company but only a promoter. Affiliate is a person or company with  a website or blog. Affiliate chooses a niche product from a popular company, sign … Read more