Information Providers – From Failure to Suceess

Information Providers Blog – Why it is Unsuccessful in the Past?

This is a 10-year-old website developed on front page and then converted into a WordPress self hosted blog. The blog neither earned any money nor attracted any visitors from  many years.

An introspection – Initially as an ambitious blogger I want to earn a six figure income through this blog. I never cared about what I should offer to visitors nor why visitors come to a website or blog. I was in a dream world with lack of  knowledge or no knowledge about must follow rules for  successful blogging. How people earn money on internet? I only know that internet is a treasure land and people can dig money, if they know how to? 

 Initial mistakes information providers committed – New bloggers – Do not repeat

Initially I was under the impression that niche website is that which earns more money on AdSense clicks. On Google search I found that ‘mesothelioma‘, and ‘structured settlements‘ are the top paying keyword for AdSense clicks and to the tune of $30 per click (ways back in the year 1998). I chose structured settlements and mesothelioma as my keyword and developed health pages. I did not care to study and understand how health pages earn money and what as information provider I should offer to my visitors.  

  • I conveniently forgot the effort I should exercise to get traffic to my website and for people to view my topics.
  • I also forgot that there are experts who already offered better content on the health topics
  • I forgot that there are already high quality websites by health professionals and hospitals. 
  • I forgot that traffic or visitors will not come to a website without  established credentials.
  • I forgot that a website is not shown in the first 10 generic search results unless it has unique and informative content with value added information to the users.
  • The webpage will not seem in the first 10 generic results unless it meets all the search engine standards.  

With these pitfalls I applied for AdSense publisher status. I thought AdSense will approve my content in spite the loop holes and of course AdSense did not approve my application. My ambitious plan to earn huge money from AdSense clicks remain a dream for a long time, till I revamp my website to the present form and now I have a adsense approval. The next problem was getting traffic to earn from adsense. I have understand internet business better to get  traffic to my website and quality backlinks to my website

Realization and revamp process of information providers blog

I started digging the possible clues to come out of this stalemate and convert my failure into success. I started a new approach altogether.  I started understanding my blog. I understand that I have to answer many questions about my blog myself.

Points that lead to successful blogging

  • Create a a blog for the visitors and not to earn money
  • Offer useful and engaging content to the user
  • Contribute to other blog posts by way of comments and be truthful. You get back links
  • Promote your niche to social media, the modern day technique to promote blogs
  • Read great blogs, great bloggers and great article

Read what  Rand Fishkin, a college dropout says about his company SEOmoz

Moz started up in 2004, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginnings as an SEO consulting company to launching the first Pro app in 2007, we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs—TAGFEE—and to deliver an exceptional experience for our community and subscribers. We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

Go through the one of the interview extract of a successful blogger  Rahul Kuntala from He says monetizing the blog by traditional AdSense revenue or paid ads do not work out. In his opinion and in his own words: (Source

My suggestion to new bloggers when monetizing their sites is this: try to focus on building a loyal community around your blogs. Inject trust and credibility by offering unique content, engage with other bloggers using social media sites, and harness the power of guest blogging. Earning money online isn’t a rocket science, you’ll get plenty of thoughts and ideas when you consider blogging as a business (it’s more fun btw!)

Read live interviews with successful blogger and get motivated. Somewhere in those interviews you find information you ere waiting for years. ( Lit of interviews information collected by Information Providers )

How to  strike balance between information providers and the users?

Users always love to get information they are looking for, but is the right information reaching them? The answer is ‘yes’. With social media revolution and the sharing techniques the right information is definately passing through masses. We strive here to contribute information to those hungry visitors.

What is Information providers blog is all about?

I focussed my attention to decide what I should offer to the visitors. I decided to develop a useful informative blog without concentrating on earning through my blog. My only agenda is to offer useful content to visitors without deviating from my old website topics where I have spent time effort to develop those pages on health, affiliate programs, Forex trading, shopping, settlements and others. I decided to add new topics like blogging tips ( an outcome of my previous experience), inspirational series. I decide to make my blog ‘Niche”, in par with popular websites.  Offering information on many topics will suit my domain name Global info online. 

Let me support the reasons to go for the following topics with the following statements.

  • Health Topic: In my opinion every one should  have basic understanding about their general health conditions to prevent them from the attack of the  disease.I concentrated on major health topics like disease and conditions, silent killer, killer disease and common disease, I tried to offer the basic symptoms, cause and cure of those diseases with added information and leads to useful websites and real-time feeds. Category – Health from Information Providers

information providers

disease & Conditions

types of disease

         Common Disease                Killer Disease               Silent Killers


  • On-Line Shopping Pages: With e-commerce advancement, online shopping picked up moment, 90% of the civilized world opt online shopping for their purchasing from high-tech. products to groceries. Online shopping malls like Amazon, eBay and many other shopping portals offer affiliate commissions  to website owners for promoting their products. As information providers. I love to sell affiliate related products through my online shopping pages. 

online shopping

  • Forex Trading Pages: Like share business Forex is an attractive online trading business for young enthusiasts. Forex trading is also called currency trading on virtual platforms with tight security norms. With a website one can earn affiliate commission promoting Forex trading platforms offered by reputed brokers. Individuals can trade currency with a broker a do real-time trading with real money. As information providers we give information on Forex trading strategies, trading planing tips, Forex pages will give real-time currency fluctuation, trading platforms, information about successful Forex traders, dos and do not of Forex trading principles.These pages also offer employment opportunities through internet by way of Forex trading

Forex Info.

  • Affiliate Markets: Earning though affiliate programs is common for website owners. We as information providers offer referral program details, affiliate program links, how to optimize affiliate program links with a blog or website: affiliate commission is a decent money and at will. Information providers looks into affiliate markets ins and outs in the affiliate pages


affiliate earns


  • Blogging Tips: Since blogging is fashion of the day, and there is a new blog on the internet everyday, blogging tutorials helps new bloggers to become successful. Blogging tips is an ever green topic. There are many tips and tricks to make a blog popular. we as information providers like to give  a lot of useful information to new bloggers. The first blogging tip is to learn from failures

blogging tips

  • Inspiration Series:  The aim of Inspiration series is to pulling back depressed people from their pensive mood to positive thinking. These pages are small stories about small instances and stories that inspired great people in the past. As information providers, we wish to motivate at least one person to positive thinking,

Newton The Genius


  • Seniors: In our busy schedule we normally neglect seniors. Seniors will also have peculiar behavior and behave like children. There have fear for old age, financial position, negligence from their children and aging problems. If we can give little care and show affection they live long and healthy. information providers discuss seniors problems at length in those pages.
managing seniors
Seniors Expectations are different

There are many more topics information providers will  offer in future

What content is useful to visitors?

The content useful for health topics are 

  • prevention tips for a deadly disease like home remedies
  • leads to experts 
  • latest research news on health topics
  • related information on healthy living, eating habits, seniors health and so on.
To summarise and end information providers front page content
  • Information providers gives useful information to  new and experts alike.
  • Our failure to success path is a kind of useful tip to new bloggers in their way to creating a niche blog
  • With the initial teething problems,  am now fairly clear on how to decide a blog topic, its content and it’s promotion. 
  • To develop a blog you can choose any topic with highly relevant and useful and ever green content. Topic becomes evergreen if the is ever green that means content is important but not the topic
  • The blog must attract visitors so that you improve traffic to your site or blog
  • The content should make visitors to stay on your blog or site for a long time
  • The content you give must attract visitors constantly visit your sire for information
  • Provide powerful content so that visitors subscribe to your content feeds through emails so that they do not miss the information

In short ‘content is the king’ for any successful blogger

 what experts say about blogging

when you’re first starting, you’re allowed to mess up. It’s better to experiment and fail early on to provide yourself with early learning for future content. says ‘Anum Hussain‘ , growth marketer, Sidekick by HubSpot, twitter-for-dummies-anum-co-author co-author, Twitter for Dummies isenberg-school-of-management-umass-anum-marketing-lecturer marketing lecturer, Isenberg UMass

One tip for starting a blog is keep a consistent schedule, even if it’s infrequent. When your blog has been dead for months at a time it looks like you might not be in business anymore! says Laura Roeder, Founder at, Named Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30 At The White House

I often hear people tell me that they can’t think of anything interesting to say. Or that they don’t know what people want to know about says ‘Mike Moran‘, serves as a senior strategist for conversion, a leading social media consultancy based in New York City.

When I write something I always think how it’s going to help readers. I write article from a reader perspective and try to write everything as step by step, so that even a started can pick everything I’m trying to add. – See more at:

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