Sachin Tendulkar is an inspiration to millions of young players in the world?

Sachin Tendulkar – International Hero from the Age of 19 Sachin started his career as a cricketer as early as 16 and won international acclaim in his match at Lords from the Cricket Genius Don Bradman. A gifted batsman, with meticulous calculation on the pitch, shook the records of his seniors like bran Lara and Bradman.  Sachin … Read more

Victorious Story of A Handicap – Girish – The Badminton Player

Girish Story – Being Handicap is not a real Disability but the Thinking is – Inspiration Series There are handicaps, mentally challenged and disabled persons with wonderful achievements to their credits. When everyday routine is a perennial problem to them they overcome those difficulties, setting high targets to their life and achieving them. Girish, a permanent disable from India plays … Read more

Simple Looking Genius – Albert Einstein – Inspiration to Millions of Enthusiastic Scientists

Albert Einstein – An Undisputed Genius of Modern Science Albert Einstein is a genius never born before. He looks simple but his discoveries and inventions hanged the world in the field of modern physics. With lots of contradiction, contradicting earlier Newton’s laws and his own theories many times . he still stood tho his research results … Read more

Abnormal Blood Pressure is a Silent Killer

Abnormal blood pressure can not be identified easily Abnormal  blood pressure also known as ‘hypertension’ or HTN or HPN. Abnormal blood pressure is normally measured in systolic and diastolic. Systolic is is a measurement when heart contracts and diastolic when heart relaxes.  The word “hypertension” without mentioning systolic measure or diastolic measure is normally refers … Read more

Simplicity is the Inspiration – Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam – Formal President of India

A P J Abdul Kalam looks simple and thinks great – A great gift to India ” Thinking is progress. Non-thinking is stagnation of the individual, organization and the country. Thinking leads to action. Knowledge without action is useless and irrelevant. Knowledge with action, converts adversity into prosperity. Thinking should become your capital asset, no … Read more