An Amazing Medical Invention by Jenner – A True Inspiration

From Blindly Believing God to Scientific Reality Edward Jenner:  In the prehistoric and post historic days, disease is  the curse of God for human’s sins. Human perform animal sacrifices to please the unknown and unseen God and prey for the well-being of humans. One such fatal disease is small pox.  For a very long time there was no cure for small … Read more

Narayana Murthy – The Man behind Infosys Technologies – Billion Dollar Indian Software Giant

Co Founder of ‘Infosys Technologies’ Narayana Murthy Is an Undoubted Genius  I still remember when I went for an interview in ‘Infosys’ ways back to 1981, when Narayana Murthy was operating the office from his Jaynagar house in Bangalore. I did not join Infosys, since I never expected the phenomenal growth the company will have in future. Brief Story behind … Read more

Sachin Tendulkar is an inspiration to millions of young players in the world?

Sachin Tendulkar – International Hero from the Age of 19 Sachin started his career as a cricketer as early as 16 and won international acclaim in his match at Lords from the Cricket Genius Don Bradman. A gifted batsman, with meticulous calculation on the pitch, shook the records of his seniors like bran Lara and Bradman.  Sachin … Read more

Victorious Story of A Handicap – Girish – The Badminton Player

Girish Story – Being Handicap is not a real Disability but the Thinking is – Inspiration Series There are handicaps, mentally challenged and disabled persons with wonderful achievements to their credits. When everyday routine is a perennial problem to them they overcome those difficulties, setting high targets to their life and achieving them. Girish, a permanent disable from India plays … Read more

Simple Looking Genius – Albert Einstein – Inspiration to Millions of Enthusiastic Scientists

Albert Einstein – An Undisputed Genius of Modern Science Albert Einstein is a genius never born before. He looks simple but his discoveries and inventions hanged the world in the field of modern physics. With lots of contradiction, contradicting earlier Newton’s laws and his own theories many times . he still stood tho his research results … Read more