Indian Blogger Inspires Blogging Community Since Decade

One Indian blogger a great Inspiration to me and great motivation  to many

Amit Aggarwal, the well known buzz word in the blogging community since long is an Indian blogger.. As a fellow  Indian, I am proud to write a blog post about this icon blogger.  Needless to say that he is a professional tech. blogger and  great motivation to contemporary bloggers and beginners.

Indian blogger

The question is

why Mr. Amit is unique and how he rose to the present level?  

  • First and foremost is the theme that he use for his blog is unique and different from many themes on the Internet.
  • He is able to  receives about 3 to 4 million page views every month.
  • His articles are aimed for visitors with highly useful information on tech. topics.
  • He had many tech. blogs to his credit. The best of them are digital inspiration, android  applications ,chrome extensions, How to guides, Video tutorials and Google scripts. More info at:  Best of Amit Blogs
  •  Surprisingly all his blogs are one man show. His time management is excellent. Apart from blogging regularly for a decade many blogs together, he is an author of a  book ‘ The most useful websites
  • Time management is an art and science and this Indian blogger knows to optimize it.
  • He loves to hear music while at work,  unique character of this blogger. He likes  mostly Jagjit Singh bhajans and old Hindi songs. Amit said this  in an interview on Life hacker conducted  Mihir Patkar. In another interview at Writer in-charge Amit says  that  “to make money via blogging, learn SEO and start blogging”

Best of Amit Blogs

Indian Blogger

How this icon blogger manages time all alone?

Time Management: If a blogger does not know or ignore time management techniques to perform various tasks before and aftera  blog post, the blog post will not be seen on the first page search engine results page. The efforts of blog post will go waste. Time management techniques include

  • Gathering as many resources as possible and screening the best of them for the selected niche. Lack of resources will result in insufficient information to the visitor.
  • Work smarter not harder: Working longer hours will result in sweating but not in useful result. Working smarter is knowing exactly what to do and not do. For example Internet is an amazing area where you will be distracted from your main focus. Chat, emailing, music, movies are few area that diverts the attention from main focus. Take care.
  • Time management is a 100 meters race but not a marathon. It is not a bad idea to fix a time table for the day’s activity. It is not a bad idea to practice finishing the scheduled tasks keeping a stop watch on.
  • Most importantly time management is fixing priorities and sticking to finish them. Schedule shorter and realistic schedules and finish them on time.

 Apart from the above points in-depth knowledge on the selected niche, grouping ideas for the article, drafting, proof reading before publish are prerequisites for a good blogger. . Publishing an article is just the beginning task of a blogger.  Promoting the article through social media and other resources is a vital task. Fixing bugs for speed loads of the article on the visitor’s browser is yet another task. Taking care of reducing bounce rates and optimizing blog post to Search Engine Optimization is yet another task.The real objective of the blogger is to offer ever green content to the visitor .  Ever green content is not  hype or trending content but  useful content to generations. Amit Aggarwal, the Indian blogger fulfills all the requirements and manages  perfect time management. More on time management at 10 tips to improve time management

Initial hiccups  Amit Aggarwal faced after starting blogging:

Amit Aggarwal admits in an interview that he too faced failures related to writing skulls, English language and  fear of failure. I was wondering whether Amit and me have similar way of cloggging. Amit said  that he used to copy content from blog posts to offer more info.  to his visitors and not to give importance to search engine optimization tips. But Amit realized early and improved from his pitfalls. I am still learning. 

To conclude Anit Aggarwal is undoubtedly is a known tech. blogger from India. He did not achieve this status just by chance. There is hard effort, dedication and in depth knowledge on the niche he is blogging.   Follow digital inspiration blog posts and get iuseful information and inspiration.

Happy Blogging.